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need some help with my training(4 posts)

need some help with my trainingGall
Apr 25, 2003 8:14 AM
Hello again,

I ve am stronger this year then what i was last year. I am able to hang on to the fast group during our rides.

I just wanted to get some input about my training and what I am lacking etc.

- mon recovery ride
- tues very hard group ride. the group ride is about 28 miles with lots of zone 4 and 5. the ride takes place about 10 miles from home so i ride out and back getting in about 50 miles.
- wed recovery rides
- thurs 1.5 hours with 20-40 min LT work
-fri recovery
- sat hills done in zone 4
- sun long easy ride [3hrs]

my goal is to get faster. i am thinking that i should add some speed work. where do you all think i should add that? am i getting enough LT work?

thanks in advance for your advice!

re: need some help with my trainingeschelon
Apr 25, 2003 9:32 AM
I've come to the realization in my training experience that my cardiovascular system can only function so well given the amount of time that I have invested thus far in training and no matter what, it will develop at the rate that my body can handle...however, no amount of cardiovascular/zone 1 and 2 rides in the world is going to make me faster unless I ride faster. There are two ways I can ride faster: first, spin faster or push a harder gear. I can't spin at a sustained rate of 150 rpms without blowing I compensate by being able to push the harder gears. I guess it's a balance not depend so much on the cardiovascular engine over the muscular engine. It's my personal experience that my muscular engine responds to training much faster and easily compared to my cardiovascular engine...and I realize my cardiovascular engine takes a long time to really develop to run at a pro level...time and patience I guess...which is why I've spent most of my hard training days focus on low rpm (60-68rpm)muscular tension intervals for extended periods of time and utilize the fast group ride days for speed work.
My novice advicetriple shot espresso
Apr 25, 2003 1:02 PM
From what I've been able to learn from coaches, books, etc is more less and less more. Meaning 90% of your training should be below LT. It looks like you are doing a lot of intensity and not a lot in the aerobic zone. Try increasing the amount of time you spend on the bike in zone 2. It looks like you can add a ride on Wednesday, an hour recovery and then a couple in zone 2 at high rpms would help. Monday and Friday should be a recovery ride of nothing more than an hour. As the other poster recommended you can incorporate big ring intervals in the hills at lower rpm and heart rate, make you strong like bull. It's been said a lot, if you do to much intensity then you are always to tired to push the limits of your speed when you need to and the bigger the base the higher the peak. That's it, I'm out of cliches.
Might be too much intensity.Kerry
Apr 26, 2003 5:50 PM
Most regimes would recommend replacing Saturday or Thursday with tempo riding. It looks like you have 3 hard days per week, and that may be too much. YMMV - how much intensity and volume you can tolerate is very individual and varies over time.