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Any other Front Range cyclists going to Missoula?(5 posts)

Any other Front Range cyclists going to Missoula?lonefrontranger
Apr 24, 2003 12:04 PM
My SO and I are for sure going to the Ecology Center Classic this coming Memorial Day. He is a Regional Tech Manager for HR Block, and has offices there, so we can get gas / mileage expensed at the least and possibly a hotel stay. We'd originally planned to do Quad Cities, but the drive time is the same and we can't turn down the opportunity to do a 'working vacation'.

Several of his teammates are planning to go, too. If you'd like to join, we are definite and can help share driving.

Host housing is the stay option of choice for this one. If anyone from the Denver / Boulder area plans to go and would like me to help coordinate, let me know. We will leave Thursday morning the 22nd, and return the following Tuesday.
Apr 25, 2003 5:20 AM
Been seriously looking into the race and was planning on flying with frequent flier miles to Missoula, but I'd want to bring the TT bike and a road bike so that's a pain. Then I'd still have to rent a car and such.

I'm very tempted to go with you guys, but I don't know if I'm into the drive. The Cat 3 stages are kinda short, but it's the only opportunity for a good stage race now that Platte has been cancelled. My old coach now lives in Missoula and has offered me host housing.

Hmm...very very tempting.
the drive is why we leave Thurs, return Tueslonefrontranger
Apr 25, 2003 5:31 AM
We are pretty good at driving to get there, but we also want to get there rested. I took an extra day vacation on each end so we wouldn't have to kill ourselves and our cars. We won't take the van this year (for obvious reasons) but John's teammates and my teammate who's going have a variety of giant late-model SUV's to choose from. Whatever vehicle John takes will get gas expensed, so I'm trying to convince him to take my teammate Jacki's "Exxon Valdez" as we all fondly call it (Ford Excursion). It seats an army and carries a ton of gear.

Call me if you want to hook up. The race itself looks great and a couple of your teammates raved about it to me at the CU crit a few weeks ago.
Afraid of the Snake aren't you?triple shot espresso
Apr 25, 2003 10:47 AM
That's ok, don't feel bad, it's a hard race, it's ok to be scared.

Come on, I was hoping to know peoples when I go to Iowa.
not on your life, blame the Sherpa if you want tolonefrontranger
Apr 25, 2003 5:16 PM
It was he who made the decision, not me. He said 4 stages in 3 days would be better for me than 3 crits.

I have no fear of the Snake. I would love to go back and do it again, but this year is not to be.