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First race in 18 years report...(1 post)

First race in 18 years report...Spunout
Apr 16, 2003 6:31 AM
Okay, I was a jubilant junior, then left cycling for other pursuits suitable for the little heathen I was.

Two years ago I am back on the bike, almost 30lbs lighter. I had a base/fun year last summer, then started Friel's program at 400 hours per year for a Cat 4/5 racer (Senior 3 in Canada). When I was young, I got dropped alot. Such was the way when I was the fastest rider in my club, beat my coach, but had no one to chase. Not enough racing as training, IMHO. There is something to say about racing into shape, schedule C and B races!

Anyways, our local organizer (Ottawa guys, yes it is the Seenite crit) puts on a Tuesday night series for the whole summer. Not bad for $30. First few races are 'open', then the fields are split A and B and we alternate weeks. Non sanctioned event, but insured. I will be in the B field.

So, beginning of a Thunderstorm last night, who will show up for a race? All the hardcore roadies, of course. Organiser (nice guy) asks for a few easy laps to get everyone's rust off (first race of the year for many of us). Ya, third lap and we're 50km/h. The A crowd hammers, splits the race in half. I hang on, mud covered, spitting rocks, can't see, can't remember how to corner. I survive 5 laps, barfing out a lung sprinting out of a corner while losing contact was a good sign I should let up.

Rode a few more laps cooling down, laughed with a few others also dropped. My SO says I out-did a few dozen others dropped before me, so I DID NOT DFL!! Wahoooo!

Thoughts: Learn how to corner. I'm too early, too inside. Get a spot on the outside, even if it is dangerous in a muddy crit in a thunderstorm(rain hasn't washed the grit and slime off the roads from the winter).

Hang with the A peleton as long as I can. When the B races start, I will reap(okay, just survive).

Racing hurts. In order to deal with this, your training must hurt. This is how you have more fun. ??

Thanks to everyone here, I love the sport like crazy.