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How to get faster in 8 weeks???(7 posts)

How to get faster in 8 weeks???inddracer
Apr 15, 2003 4:11 PM
I'm doing a small triathalon mid-July and I need some training tips to get faster on the bike leg. The course is a two loop slightly rolling hill road course. Total distance is 16 miles. I haven't been able to ride much more than maybe once or twice a week for probably the past year so I don't really know where to start. I went out today and did a moderately hilly ride at about 80-85% max effort and went 16 miles in just over 51 minutes. Is it possible to drop that to about 45 minutes in 8 weeks? Thanks.
Yes it is...ride a lot!(nm)merckx56
Apr 15, 2003 6:16 PM
re: How to get faster in 8 weeks???Spunout
Apr 16, 2003 4:00 AM
If yer doing two rides, do one ride on form of event distance, stay aerobic. Do another ride of ME intervals. Hills are good for power development. Watch out for overtraining!
got a week to spare; only takes 7 weeksDougSloan
Apr 16, 2003 6:25 AM
The Lance Armstrong Performance Program: Seven Weeks to the Perfect Ride by Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael, Peter Joffre Nye
re: How to get faster in 8 weeks???dotkaye
Apr 16, 2003 11:14 AM
my personal strategy for getting faster for triathlon on 2 rides a week:
ride 1: a long (30-50 mile) ride fairly easy,
ride 2: either: about race distance at full effort, basically a time trial; or climbing long hills at moderate cadence while staying seated. This latter gets my bike-specific strength back quite quickly.
Do this for the first 6 weeks. For the next 2 weeks, for the second ride, do some intervals at max effort. The week before the tri, do the intervals, but aim for high intensity and low volume.

Ride 1 is intended to help with efficiency on the bike plus some decent aerobic conditioning, ride 2 adds speed. There is very little correlation between running or swimming fitness and bike fitness, so it's necessary to do at least 2 rides a week, IMO.
Speed intervalsKerry
Apr 16, 2003 4:58 PM
If we assume you're getting steady base miles in sufficient volume, the thing to add to your riding is speed intervals. Type 1: 3 minutes at race pace +, 3 minutes recovery, repeat 3-5 X after full warmup. Type 2: 10-15 minutes at race pace, recover 3-5 minutes, repeat 2-3 times after full warmup. Do one of these on Tuesday and one on Thursday (for example) with your swimming and running workouts and additional riding spread around the week. You need a day of recovery between these sessions. If you're doing similar workouts in running and swimming, then you probably need to spread things out more, but this is the way to build speed into your program.
Good stuff Kerry, straight-forward & easy 2 remember. thanx. nmnoveread
Apr 17, 2003 9:50 AM