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Race Reports? Anybody? LFR, Zed?triple shot espresso
Apr 14, 2003 8:24 AM
I want to hear the tales from the Pave.
re: Race Reports? Seaford Race WeekendNightengale
Apr 14, 2003 9:16 AM
"Focus on the Potato" I told Jake after he complained his onion rings were far too greasy, squeezing one, and watching one or two droplets of oil fall onto his plate. It was a good meal of flounder at English's, and he had advice that was much more valuable for me: advice on how to recover. I played monkey see monkey do. When he took a nap, I took a nap. When he put his legs up against the duck painting on the wall, so did I (different duck painting, but similar). He even told me the conditions under which a break would go, into the wind, right before turning onto a tailwind section. That is exactly what happened on Sunday. But, Saturday first: 61 riders lined up for a 1.8 mi circuit race, 20 laps. Four corners, kind of rectangular with a short start/finish and backstretch, with the run in to the finish right into a 10-20 mile per hour head wind. With 8 to go a couple guys got clear, separately, and they had 45 seconds max and 30 or so when they linked up. Big Team A tried not to do too much work, but some people were pulling through. With 3 and 2 to go I followed one of their guys, Dude A, through to the front twice... but I wouldn't pull. I said, "Where is your blockade now?" I wanted those guys to stay in front until the last lap. It worked, and with two corners to go a group of four got a small gap on the field and caught them, but they had gone too soon, and the field swarmed around. With about 350 meters to go a Scott/BiKyle guy jumped and I wanted to go with him, but he was so fast, however I told myself that it was almost over and I went after him as hard as I could. He floated through the last turn with a gap on two chasers, and I was third of three more. He was going to win cleanly, and the other two guys duked it out for second, and I dug deeply passing one guy. The other fought harder, but I had a better line and more leg speed, and I passed him too, taking fourth! Sunday was a 75 mile, 12.5 circuit road race. A Kissena (New York Velodrome) guy attacked at the gun and took time directly, going out of sight. He had 3:15, after about two laps. We noodled along, with Big Team A controlling the field but refusing to do a concerted chase, and Big Team B doing typical cat 4 stuff, attacking solo on a part of the course where they were not going to get away. Don't let me see you guys do that, please. After 3 laps we were lapped by the A race split/breakaway of 19 guys. We had to pull off the road and stop. I was glad I had waited to relieve myself. A lot of guys had been stopping on a slow part of the course and then getting back on, but I didn't want to risk it. Minor problem, the wind shifted and I got part of my handlebars... oh well, soon forgotten. After 50 miles we were really motoing, there was an attack, which I covered, but then a counter went and I was spent. This is why even just one teammate is so useful, you can alternate covering stuff. Being alone, I didn't have that luxury, and had to try and cover everything. 10 guys rode clear, dangling about 15 seconds off while four more tried to bridge. Of course, once the field caught those four, it sat up and the break went to about three minutes by the time it was over, catching the lone breakaway. Servio from NCVC, I think, won the sprint, with yesterday's winner in second, which meant that he (Frantz) won. A second group did finally go away, but because all the places were up the road I wasn't really pressed and I was done anyway. I was second in my group's sprint, for 19th. Because only three guys who placed yesterday placed today, I ended up 8th overall! I went up there shooting for a top ten overall, so I reached my goal. ;) It was valuable experience and awesome training. I know that next year we could win.
re: Race Reports? Seaford Race Weekend- My 1st race everDream plus
Apr 15, 2003 12:09 PM
Ok, I must have been on Big team B. So it wasn't typical Cat4 stuff it was typical Cat5 stuff. Either way it was my first race ever and I was apprehensive about staying up and finishing. Although we had numbers, over half of us were first or second timers, in other words we were clueless. As it turned out, the course both days was safe with a closed course Saturday and rolling enclosure Sunday, the weather was great, and the racing was fun.

Saturday "B race" was easier than I thought it would be. 20 laps around a circuit. Unfortunately I found myself at the front far too often and when I would sit up, no-one would come around. Now I'm not blaming them, I now know they were being smart. I was glad to be in the front when 6 deer ran across the road in front of us. I got some advice from a Java Shack guy and followed his wheel as much as I could. It was intereseting to constantly have to work to keep others from stealing your wheel and constantly having to move up- like you're on a treadmill. The roads were so wide that if you drifted back you were way back. I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize we were on the last lap( doh!). I ended up in the front again as we turned into the wind. Mark V from Wilmington Velocity tried to warn me "easy Mike" and I drifted off the front before the last turn and saw people sitting up - the race was over. I rolled in in 26th place.

Sunday 6 laps, 75 mile, started with a lone break up the road. No-one was too worried about it and we sorta rolled along pretty slowly. More ignored advice & more stupidity on my part. We finally began to work to bring back the break. We were all together whenb the A race caught us. Apparently they were actually racing! Everyone had to stop so almost everyone took the opportunity to pee. When we started again the racing began. By the end of lap 5, It was becoming more difficult to recover after accelerations, and a break of 10 got loose without anyone from our team in it. I tried to help get a teamate launched but was pretty ineffective and managed to blow pretty badly.At the start of the last lap there were 4 of us dangling off the back. I couldn't dnf my first road race.The pack was in sight and we would gain on them at times. Three of us kept rotating to the finish. 40th. THAT was hard.

So overall a very positive experience. All of us Cat5s are looking to improve our tactical knowledge. We all had fun racing and being part of a team even if we weren't able to parlay our numerical advantage into some results. Thanks to the organizers for providing such a great venue. I was also proud to be the oldest entrant. NCVC road a good race.
Sea OtterMatt Britter
Apr 14, 2003 10:18 AM
Came in on Friday to check out the expo. Lots of great stuff. Voler had some good deals and checked out the new wheels from Velomax.

On to the race report, if you have not been on the track it is 2.2 miles with most of the elevation gain in one section. The climbing was actully three steps, the first coming out of a corner was more like a steep false flat, then right into a climb maybe 6-8% (I'm not a good judge) evened out for 50' then short but steeper climb (maybe only 30-40' in length). This climbing then dropped into the famous cork screw, which everyone was over 47 mph. So gearing went from 39x23 to 53x12 as fast as you could. The long sweeper in front of the grand stand had a little roll right in the center which normally would not have caused a gear change, but the wind was right in your face until you crested the roller.

After the grand stand you entered a 180 which are the courses turn 1 & 2, you now had the wind to your back. A short straight then into a right hand 90 now had the wind coming from the right side, everyone was looking for protection on the next short straight. Another sweeping 90 right into the head wind and down a long straight away. This is where the announcers booth was and the Start/Finish. It seemed like we went so slow though there, then back to the climb. Now repeat this 8 times!

Unfortunately I fell off the pack on the second lap, chased back on and off for two laps. By the forth lap I resigned to work with others who also fell off. The cork screw and following flat was the only place for me to recover. Which with the head winds was not enough for me. I had a very high avg HR (171) and now in retropect should have done a longer warmup. But for the first time on the course I was not terribly disappointed, but really should have been in the pelton for the whole race, if I was prepared.

Hope other's had good weekend of racing also.
Great report!allervite
Apr 14, 2003 9:15 PM
Glad you enjoyed the Sea Otter. We worked really hard to put on a great event. I did not have much to do with the amateur stuff, but I did drive for a commisaire during the CAT 3 road race. Now that was a hard course. The sea otter is such a huge event and pulls in some really big guns from all over the west. Rest assured that there were plenty of guys racing in your field that should be a cat higher!
Sea Otteroutofthesaddle
Apr 15, 2003 3:02 PM
I did the 4/5 Masters 30+ rr on Fri afternoon. It was my first road race. There was lots of wind, hills and fast guys. The race got shortened to 40 miles because of a change in the pro race but still had 3600 ft of climbing.

I came unglued from the front group early and was redlining trying to chase back. I worked with a group of about 10 guys trying to chase back. Our group kept coming apart on the numerous climbs. We got close but never quite regained contact with the lead group.

I haven't been doing many (any) longer training rides and I could really feel it. Most of my training rides are right around an hour which works ok for crits but makes the road races an adventure in suffering.
re: Race Reports? Anybody? LFR, Zed?MR_GRUMPY
Apr 14, 2003 10:20 AM
Another friggin' Time Trial out in the wind. What a waste of time. I wanted to train through this one, so my legs were kind of toasted before I even started. Boy, am I out of shape. Because of my toasted legs, my heart would only go up to the low 160's. I should have stayed home and done some more long miles to get me ready for later in the season.
re: Race Reports? Anybody? LFR, Zed?p lo
Apr 14, 2003 1:52 PM
I started in the front and stayed there till right at the end of the first dirt section were i suffered the first of 3 flats that eventually lead to a dnf. while i was fixing oneof the flats i happened to see ZED. his teammates were attempting to pace him back to the group after a flat. i doubt they ever saw the front again.....
Flats and a 67 mile TTBipedZed
Apr 14, 2003 2:04 PM
Yup, I flatted my rear within a mile of the start on the first dirt section. I was the designated leader so the plan was to have a teammate give me a wheel while the rest waited to attempt to pace me back to the group. Fat chance I thought in our pre-race team meeting. After I botched my rear wheel change which took over a minute the lead group was long gone and the race turned into a 67 mile TT. I rode the last 2 laps completely solo and unable to go any faster. The people that I passed were on the same wavelength as me - survive at the pace you are currently going. No one even attempted to get on my wheel and I wouldn't have tried if someone had passed me.

By the start of the 4th lap I was in agony and so much wanted to stop but I kept going because a teammate had sacrificed a wheel and I couldn't just DNF. It was probably the hardest 55 minutes I've ever spent on a bike but somehow I managed to finish 18th and get some BAT points for the team.

Props to the P12s that did 5 freaking laps. I would have died.
Boulder, CO ...sacheson
Apr 14, 2003 1:55 PM
... Boulder-Roubaix. I got 4 miles into a 68 mile cat 3 road race on the dirt, then flatted and destroyed a wheel. Since there's no wheel or neutral support, I walked back to my car.
Boulder, CO ...more mud
Apr 14, 2003 10:09 PM
i flatted at the end of the first dirt section. as i debated what to do and watched racers streaming by i noticed a few sets of wheels left at the end of the road by some smart racers. after a few seconds of hesitation i decided to take advantage of there bright idea and use one of the wheels. got me going and into a chase group. but karma got me in the end and i flatted 2 more times......
Eastford, CTmass_biker
Apr 14, 2003 6:27 PM
Windy, sandy in the corners, and tons of potholes and ruts on the narrow backroads on the backstretch. Yep, the roads have suffered this winter in New England. An early season favorite and a welcome change from the coastal winds and sprint daddy stylings of the prior weekend (Marblehead). It's always a treat when the best way to open a gap is to attack from the front as soon as you hit rough pavement - not a Sunday in Hell by any means, but you get the point. Lots of active and aggressive Cat 3s out there taking the initiative and that was good to see. Looks like a fun season is upon us.

Merci Roubaix!lonefrontranger
Apr 14, 2003 9:15 PM
I saw Zed briefly at the finish and he looked as trashed as I felt. Five laps?!! Four laps?? Hell, no thank you, three was enough and more than enough for me. I passed a TON of guys from Zed's field, including a couple of his teammates (Biju?) and they all looked horribly shell shocked.

The Women's 1/2/3 started 24 riders. T-Mobile and Diet Rite fielded representatives and we went into the first stretch of pave' like a house afire. Holy Mother of God, I have never ridden so fast on such crappy going. I clung to wheels and wondered if the chicks at the front were on motorcycles. They surged on every one of the small rollers going out the first section of dirt as we scrambled, rattled, jounced and swore in their wake, desperately seeking smooth lines or at least ones that didn't feel like riding a drunken pogo stick. The best lines, sure enough, were in the far left-hand gutter, so we said a little prayer to the Gods of Oncoming Traffic and Oblivious Joggers and that was that. (no yellow line rule in effect on the dirt, but they are still open roads...)

The pace kicked again to 27mph up the false flat on the first section of tarmac. I thought for sure things might settle down a bit, but they accelerated yet again on the next dirt stretch. The pace went from insane fast to ludicrous fast. I was sitting on wheels in a tailwind with my HR hovering around 190, not good. The next technical bit was the wicked fast left-hander coming downhill off of Oxford. I rode the corner clean and gained about four places in the group by taking the good line, and was doing well at meeting my goals of being near the front but not on the front, if only my HR were about fifteen beats lower... Going up the slow, tough grinder that followed is where T-Mobile got bored playing footsie with the bourgoise and laid down a blistering attack. The field detonated as if someone had dropped a hand grenade on us, leaving ragged remains of bike racer all along the course. I caught several girls out on Nelson and 63rd, and we got a good rotation going, but when I hit the canal path, I put a :30 gap onto them without even trying and decided they weren't worth waiting for.

The next thirty miles passed in a long, slow, solo haze of pain, dust and dodged water bottles. By the middle of the third lap, I had the worst hotspots I can ever remember. I could barely pedal my bike going up 63rd for the last time I was in such pain. I remember struggling into that headwind, looking at my speedo and laughing in irony because I was *still* passing Cat III guys right and left. A couple even tried to jump on my wheel but the poor sods were in such brutal shape they couldn't even hold onto a knackered chick.

I didn't flat, or crash, or puke or otherwise humiliate myself, although I did manage to fumble a Clif Shot and coat my top tube, bars, gloves and jersey with brown goo which, mixed with abundant dust, created a repulsive looking scummy mess. My mini coup of the day was coming into Wipeout Alley for the final time a mere six lengths ahead of the Pro/1/2 men's break and riding it sufficiently well to fend them off all the way to the feed zone.

Final tally: 10th place Women's 1/2/3, 2nd place Women Cat 3, some nice schwag and BAR/BAT points, and last but not least, that, dare I admit it, guilty frisson of joy at seeing a competitor who has been a constant thorn in my side standing at the side of the road with her derailleur in her spokes :P
Congrats! You showed those boys and that thorn real good! nmSpunout
Apr 15, 2003 4:49 AM
Fantastique! Vous êtes un coureur très formidable! (nm)Dale Brigham
Apr 15, 2003 6:01 AM
arret! simplement reconnaissant je ne suis pas le lanterne rouge...lonefrontranger
Apr 16, 2003 9:10 PM
No Lion of Flanders I, I'm thinking my efforts are more apropos the Kitten of Niwot.

Dude, that's cool; I like how you managed to insert special characters without hosing up the text editor -- my copy tends to wind up full of barf text when I try that.

my french sucks. I read it well enough but can't speak a lick. I am also nervous of proving my vast ignorance in public with phillipe et. al. lurking about :)
Attention, Chaton de Niwot!Dale Brigham
Apr 17, 2003 1:18 PM

Your French is much better than mine. My French is so bad that I have to use Babelfish to translate even the simplest phrases (or just to check my work). In fact, I pasted in the Babelfish translation to get the accents in the text I posted in the subject line above.

My French is so bad that in PBP in '99, when I tried to thank some nice kids (les enfants tres gentil) on the route who were on the roadside giving away bottled water (note: this was commonplace along the PBP route; water, coffee, sugar cubes, cookies, and, my fave, hard cider, were all given freely by wonderful French folks to PBP participants) by telling them how friendly they were, I actually said something more like "I am very friendly to children." I'm just glad they didn't think I was some Yank pervert and call the cops, which would have likely happened here in the good ol' US of A. (Babelfish says that would be "Il y a l'Américain perverti! Arrêtez-le, policier!")

Sounding ignorant has never stopped me from expressing myself, in French, Spanish, German, or English. I mangle all lingos evenhandedly. I look forward to going across the Atlantic this August to spread incomprehension and puzzlement among peoples of many lands ("He said what?").

Awesome! Rename it Boulder-Roubeth. (nm)shirt
Apr 16, 2003 11:58 AM
er, no actuallylonefrontranger
Apr 16, 2003 9:19 PM
I haven't won it yet, far from it if you look at the fact that the T-Mobile who took the win finished over twenty minutes ahead of me. The Sherpa, stubborn brute that he is, is convinced I can capture a podium spot next year, so he is now more than ever determined to make me faster or kill me in the process. It's still early yet so with the breakthroughs I've made, he's rolled up his sleeves and got that diabolical gleam in his eye.

I stuck some comments in there just for you shirt-me-boy. Can you guess which?
uh, "...kill me in the process" ? (nm)shirt
Apr 16, 2003 10:36 PM
in the race report, not the subsequent replylonefrontranger
Apr 17, 2003 4:28 PM
See if you can figure out which comment in my Merci Roubaix! post is specifically targeted to make shirt smile.
ceterus paribus, cogito "frisson." (non nuntius)shirt
Apr 17, 2003 10:04 PM
examussim (nn)lonefrontranger
Apr 18, 2003 8:06 AM