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Boulder Roubaix and big congrats to BipedZed on CCTT(2 posts)

Boulder Roubaix and big congrats to BipedZed on CCTTlonefrontranger
Apr 10, 2003 11:30 PM
I just checked into the ACA site, and it looks as though BipedZed really threw down on the Cat 3 field on Wednesday. His time would have just missed top 3 in the Pro/1/2, holy smokes that boy is rockin' and sockin'

Zed if you see this, I will be at Stazio probably most of the day on Saturday, so I'm sure I'll see you there. I invited TSE to join my SO and I at Masa Grill (a team sponsor) for some tacos and beer post-Roubaix on Sunday, I figure win lose or just saddle sore we'll all need it by then.

Have you guys even seen 51st street coming off the Rez lately? That 3 feet of snow did no one any favors. The initial stretch of "pave" looks like the Marines were practicing trench building and carpet bombing exercises out there prior to shipping out to Baghdad. Wipeout Alley has to be seen to be believed. It's gonna be 70 degrees and fine on Sunday, and the promoter says she's got record numbers of pre-registered entries. Bring your extra tight bottle cages and slather on the Bag Balm laddies! I anticipate the first three miles will be a killing ground.
I'll be watching the Roubaixtriple shot espresso
Apr 11, 2003 6:37 AM
at least the Crash 4s. Then we're heading out to Carter Lake for a little training.

We're doing some Roubaix course decorating Sat. after Stazio.

I'd love to go for beers and tacos after but 1. I'm off the beer and tacos until after C-lake and 2. my favorite little redheaded girl is having a get together at her place in the evening to watch the Paris Roubaix. Yes I know, we broke up, but I'm pretty sure we're back together.