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Leadout tacticsI Love Shimano
Apr 9, 2003 11:56 PM
we're joining a 20km race this's not exactly a crit since it will be done in a 2km oval. Our "team" is composed of 4-5 cyclists, but I can only depend on 3 of us to be "there" during teh last lap. Hence, our leadout will be 2 guys only (myself included). I am confident out sprinter can take first if the leadout is done correctly. Since I have never done a leadout before, can anyone give me some tips? Like where in the bunch is it best to begin..the front, or 4 places down? How far from the finish should I start the leadout?

re: Leadout tacticsbrider
Apr 10, 2003 10:43 AM
Since you don't have corners (as you probably would in a crit) to pare down the usable road, you'll have to keep the pace high from quite a ways out. If you had one more rider, you might be able to do it for the entire last lap (but that's not always recommended, as it broadcasts your intent to the entire peleton). At 20K, you're not going to have a lot of time to settle in and set things up. How wide is the road?

What you'll probably want to do is to line up towards the outsde of the pack and make sure you're together with one to go. Don't be at the front, as riders coming over would in effect box you in. I'd be willing to bet that the pack will be pretty close at the one-to-go mark, but the pace will pick up dramatically with half-to-go. That's what you need to be ready for. Go with it, stay towards the outside, and when things have topped out (the speed increase stalls), that's when you launch. First guy goes and just keeps going. When he starts flagging, second guy goes (first guy does NOT swing off). With 100 to go, your sprinter is on his own.
re: Leadout tacticsI Love Shimano
Apr 10, 2003 4:31 PM
The road will be 4 lanes wide.

Thanks for the tip..I thought the leadout rider always swings off. Guess I was wrong :)
re: Leadout tacticsbrider
Apr 11, 2003 10:08 AM
The leadout guy does NOT swing off because he might mis-time it and end up sweeping the team mates off the road. usually, by the time the leadout guy is ready to swing off, he's already slowed too much, and will have people coming around him. Crashes in the final sprint are made from such moves.
re: Leadout tacticsI Love Shimano
Apr 11, 2003 7:18 PM
aaaaah, Ok I get it. Thanks a lot!
re: Leadout tacticsSpiderman
Apr 16, 2003 10:45 AM
sorry, I have been lurking in on your thread. I am not a racer, but have been thinking about it. Anyway, the leadout guy doesn't swing off, he just lets the rest of the peloton pull up around him? Is that correct? I just want to understand what you said in the previous few posts.