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Final sprint?TheMane
Apr 8, 2003 8:31 AM
I'm new to the racing scene, as this will be my first year racing, and I have been thinking about something for a while now. In a 33 to 44 mile race, there has to be a point where the racers start just sprinting for the end, right? A kind of "drop it all and haul-ass" point. I'm curious when this point usually is... 3 miles before the finish?... 10miles? Or does this not happen at all?

re: Final sprint?juanteal
Apr 8, 2003 8:40 AM
All other tactics aside, the "drop it all and haul-ass" point is rarely further out than 200m. Successfull "drop it all and haul-ass" points are usually closer to 100m to go.
Surges, attacks, and sprints… oh my!!JBergland
Apr 8, 2003 1:12 PM
In any race you'll come across 3 basic types of efforts... surges, attacks, and sprints. All three are similar and in some cases might be called the same thing.

A Surge... can best be described as a noticeable increase in pace... often time coming out of a corner or starting/finishing a climb. People new to racing sometimes mistake these for 'attacks'... panicking to get to the front or grab back onto a wheel when a more even effort would better suit them.

An Attack... is usually more obvious than a surge. People will be out of the saddle, looking around, increase in pace will be MORE and happen faster. People attack to get away from the pack. Some times it might be just one or two... other times it might be dozens. The main idea is to decrease the number of people you are racing against. Your odds are much better at the finish line the fewer people you have around you.

A Sprint... is more often time than not, describing the last 100% effort for the finish line. This usually starts 100-200 m out.

Other things to think about and consider:
As you start to get into racing, you'll start to see different riders have different strengths. Some might be able to really motor along at a high pace for mile after mile. Others might be able to almost keep up with a top-fuel funny car during their final sprint!! The key is knowing what your strengths are and using them to your advantage. If you're a 'sprinter', you'll want to what until that 100-200 m mark. If you're more of a TTer or climber, you'll want to attack well before the finish line in hopes of distancing yourself from guys who have a good sprint.

Maybe most importantly of all... never ever forget to have FUN!! That is what racing should really be about!!

Good Luck!!