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Weekend race reportMR_GRUMPY
Apr 7, 2003 7:10 AM
Sunday was a beautiful day for a Time Trial. Sunny, 35 degrees, and an East wind at 20-25 mph. The return leg was great, flying along at 32 mph. It's too bad that the outbound leg was so tough. I saw many people in the little ring. It could have been worse. We could have received Mondays snow storm on Sunday.
Anybody else race this weekend ?? Let's hear about it.
Same place, same race....TFerguson
Apr 7, 2003 7:52 AM
35F, 25 mph winds, 1/2 hr of pain. Why do I like it? ABD puts on another flawless event.
Thank You..............MR_GRUMPY
Apr 7, 2003 10:02 AM
I didn't mention that I had to go work a corner after I rode. Riding was warm, compaired to standing.
Apr 7, 2003 8:03 AM
Another glorious SoCal weekend and the finale of the Redlands race with USCF crits all day led to a great Sunday. Well, other than my performance. My team took a win in the 4, 2nd in the 5, I think a 4th in the 3. The Masters 40+ was really something as the field was a serious who's who of greats including John Wordin who took it, Thurlow Rogers, Butch Stinton, the Worthington Brothers, Frank Shroeder, etc.
I did 1 1/3 time trials on Sunday.hrv
Apr 7, 2003 8:06 AM
Course: 10.6 miles, mostly flat.
Weather: Cold rain, occasional hail and sunbreaks.

So I line up to start, 30 seconds to go. Look at the short hill ahead of me and decide last minute no way am I going to pound up it right at the gun so I drop it into the wee ring and guess what? Dropped the chain. Too busy laughing at how dumb I was to get it on quickly, but made it just in time.

Didn't take long to realize that no matter how well I think I have warmed up I'm still hurting right off the bat. Took me a mile our two to settle in and about 3 miles started feeling really good, just about the time I f*%!$ng flatted! It took a couple of seconds to realize what just happened and to get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomache,like "I'm so glad I drove a total of 4 hours to sit on my trainer in the freezing rain". But nothing else to do but go back and claim my DNF.

And what a fun ride back it was! 3+ miles with a rear flat at 5 mph in the cold. Close to shivering but couldn't stop.
When I got back I pleaded for another start time and they were kind enough to fit me in 5 minutes later. I had no desire to sit on the trainer again so just waited it out in the car and pray that I wasn't going to get hypothermic. Got to the line again, took off, and all was good. The first half wasn't so great but really scooted forward on the saddle for the return trip and felt like a jackhammer. Must remind myself to train in this position.

Next TT is 20 miles. Going to have to really dig deep for that one. You really learn about yourself in these events and the more I do the more I learn. Bring 'em on!

I did 1 1/3 time trials on Sunday.Sharkman
Apr 7, 2003 9:55 AM

I road the Estacada TT too. Did'nt have your misfortune with equipment, but I got the worst of the weather. It was absolutely pouring when I took off at 11:03.

Finished in 28:24, 7th place in the 50+ category

It was horrible!noveread
Apr 7, 2003 9:39 AM
My first race. It was 35deg, partly sunny with an e wind @15mph. I thought I had trained well this off season. I have 90 hours on the bike since Jan 1 but apparently I'm just really slow! I got dropped about 7min into the crit. Unbelievable. Something in my training plan must not have been right.

After finding the ABR crit last week too slow, this one just killed me. What happened? Are USCF crits just this much faster?

After about 20min on my own a pair of riders lapped me and I rode the rest of the race with them and recovered. We picked up a couple more riders on the next to last lap. With about 1/2mile to go, they attacked. One guy got dropped, I was last in line and it took me almost the remainder of the lap to catch back on. I did, but of course got dropped on their sprint for the line.

It was awful. I just hope I was having a bad day, but somehow I doubt it. It's actually quite depressing. My goal for the year was to be a competitive 4 by the end of the season. Now I just am hoping I can be a 4 that doesn't get dropped.

Well, the second crit of this series is this Sunday. Guess I'll go back and get shelled real fast again. Oh joy.

My handle is truly appropriate now.

re: Time TrialNelZ
Apr 7, 2003 11:58 AM
Did my first road event of the year, Lilydale Time Trial in St. Paul MN. Winds were light, temp in the high 20's, flat course out and back 3.6 miles total(shortened from 5 miles due to icy corner at 2 mile mark). Finished 19th out of 21 in the Men's Stock Bike (no aerobars/TT bikes)category, 50th out of 60 among all riders. Note to self: do more LT intervals.
Weekend Crit reportMatt Britter
Apr 7, 2003 1:15 PM
Sunday, traveled to a small mountain town called Tuolumne for a crit. After a slight detour we showed up 10 minutes to start time. Car pooled with a team mate and another showed about the same time. Since this was my first race ever (last year) I only wanted to do better than last year, which was getting dropped then pulled at 15 of 30 laps.

This year was cold (44-48) for our 8 am start, no warmup, and I was thinking repeat of last year. The race started and stayed fairly slow 20-23.5 for the first half. I was able to get warmed up (though toes were numb the whole time) and did two short pulls.

At about 5 laps to go one of new and strong riders (Jon) came to the front and picked up the pace to 22-27 for 4 laps. The goal was to get on his wheel and launch from 1 to go. It was tough moving around in the pack and the lead out never came to be. So coming into the last lap the speed never dropped below 26 and last straight ended in a field sprint, recorded 31mph crossing the line, little help from slight downhill. Finished middle of the pack, no crashes, and great workout or the up coming Sea Otter!
Weekend Crit reportS-U-B
Apr 9, 2003 8:18 PM
Matt, you have to tell me what kind of bike you ride. I was at that crit as well. I was one of the 6 delta velo guys. I was the one riding the Derosa Merak. I went off the front of the pack about 4 times during the race because I was bored and wanted to stir things up a bit. I didn't want to wait for the final sprint because I'm sick and dont have my full stregnth right now. I went with the final break with 1.5 laps to go but then decided it wasn't going to stay away so I waited for the pack, the winner ended up coming from the break and I did not recover in time to sprint anyways. What team are you on and what kind of bike do you ride? I'm riding four's at Sea Otter, both Road Race and Circut race, see you there.
Weekend Crit reportMatt Britter
Apr 16, 2003 2:01 PM
I ride a blue "Flow" bike. Team is CVC(Central Valley Cyclist) from Fresno. Jersey is Blue and Red w/ the large Stewart Title logo.
Here are some links:
Weekend Crit reportS-U-B
Apr 22, 2003 9:30 PM
Matt, I remember those jersey's. There was two of you at the crit right? I will keep my eye out for you the rest of the season.
time trial tooweiwentg
Apr 7, 2003 2:19 PM
10 miles, totally freakin' flat. about 20mph of wind, 30 degrees, and crappy. none of us had brought appropriate clothes, since the forecast was for 50. hah.
I did 18-19mph on the way out, 25 or so on the way back. I stayed in the big ring all the way, and probably overcooked it slightly going out.
the subsequent TTT was pretty good, except that we had 2 good riders and 2 pretty new ones. we did OK.
re: Weekend race reportThorman
Apr 7, 2003 3:57 PM
This weekend confirmed that my winter training is really going to pay off. I'm starting my second year racing on the road and just upgraded to cat 4 this year so I wasn't sure what to expect this season.

Saturday I did a hilly road race and got into an early breakaway on the second lap heading up the first climb. I couldn't catch two guys who got away early and then another two who took off shortly after. I held my pace until the end and finished 5th out of around 50 racers.

Sunday I was anticipating just taking it easy on the relatively flat course up in the Cuyahoga Valley. Despite temps around 30 degrees 35 racers showed up for the 4/5 race. After the first lap I was feeling good so I got in on a few breakaways, but none of them got away. Then on the last lap I got away with two others and both of them died on the last hill so I went off on my own and rode in solo for my first ever road race win. Man did that last two miles hurt, but it was worth it!

I did a Men's 4 race - adventures hereinlonefrontranger
Apr 7, 2003 9:37 PM
It was really fun and I stayed happily glued to the tailgunner spot the entire 45 minutes - 35mph accelerations and all.

Ooops. All except the part where the Sherpa promptly ripped me a new one when my SO ratted on me for sitting on the back and being "noncombative" :P I know, I know -- they have a point. Why the f*** do you race if you're not gonna RACE!! My excuse was even lame - hey I've never done a Men's race in Colorado, I was freaked out about the squirrelly guys and I wasn't sure I could make it three laps much less the whole race. My SO even came back a couple times to tow me thru the field, and I promptly lost his wheel about halfway to the front and wimped out.

Saith the Sherpa: if I felt so g.d. strong the whole race that I could play the accordion on the back, bridging on every freaking corner, then why in the name of all that's holy did I play Chicken Little the entire time, PLUS (and this is what really got his goat) sit up in the sprint?!! Uh, 'cos I'm a girl? Nope, doesn't fly. I am now officially in the dog house.

My punishment is to race the Men's 4 weeknight series and (drum roll please): I get to sit on the extra special wheel of THAT GUY. You know the one - the one who looks like he's riding an egg beater. The one who acts like he's trying to ride YOUR bike through every corner. The one who's just a crash waiting to happen. He's at every race, and triple shot espresso and BipedZed probably know exactly who I'm talking about, too (hint: THAT GUY had a war mullet to beat Brochard's last year).

I asked the Sherpa to come visit me in the hospital...
Apr 8, 2003 5:54 AM
Congrats on your recent success! It's been awhile since I've checked the site but it's great to read about your hard work paying off. Sherpa will never let you get away with slacking in a race due to nerves, even if no matter how hard you try you are always behind "that guy". I know all too well that feeling.

Are you doing Stazio before the Roubaix? I'm up in the air but since Roubaix is my big early season goal I can't see how racing Stazio at 2:30 the day before helps me for Sunday. I am planning on pre-riding Roubaix on Saturday sometime around noon if you care to join me.

CCTT starts tomorrow. I aim to win it.
Stazio is the BWCT event so I'm stuck doing registration :Plonefrontranger
Apr 8, 2003 5:30 PM
I need to get a ride in though, so I have to figure out some plans. Give me a buzz if you still have my #, or mail me. Speaking of the Sherpa, I've got to coordinate my schedule with his because he was threatening me with the scooter o' death on Saturday when I got free from race volunteer stuff.

I am definitely NOT racing Stazio. Hope to see you!
paris-vallangoujard pt. 1philippec
Apr 8, 2003 2:22 AM
first point to point race of the season- 110 kms, overcast temp btwn 3-9 degrees, 8:00 start....ouch.

Drove up to St. Prix, just north of Paris w/ two other team-mates after a 5:15 wake-up... now, I'm no pro, but I think that sleep deprivation somehow doesn't fit in w/ a proper pre-race prep -- but maybe I'm wrong.

Get our numbers, meet up w/ the rest of the team, Jean G. our coach and Fréd, our road captain -- quick briefing "stay in the pack, don't follow any attacks until after the hill in Nesle at km. 25, oh, and watch the wind, the last 40 k. will be into a stiff north breeze..." Our team car is going to be #7 in the caravan and Jean has got some warm tea waterbottles ready.

In other years, the race started at the bottom of the hill in St. Prix -- a 2.5 km doozy w/ a 16% grade thrown in -- this year, thankfully, we start at the top. We do a 20 min warm-up including the hill and pull up to the start line in a waft of rosemary and camphor embrocation smells. I look around -- a sea of 20 yr. olds -- I am really feeling like an old man at 36. Mass confusion as the race motorcycles and directors'cars make their way through the massed racers -- why weren't they already at the front!? Anyway, I take advantage of the turmoil to move up some places and am near the front when the start is given.

Races here start fast and get faster, we do the 1st 5km at 40-45 km/hr and then we hit the downhill off the plateau into the Oise river valley. I'm keeping my place ok and am just a little proud that Farid, one of our best pack handlers, is still somewhere behind me.

We take the rough pot-holed forest road off the plateau and are tooling along at 50-60 km in a tight mass. I'm thinking about my daughters at home -- no good for an agro stance in the peleton -- when the first call of "bidon, bidon!" goes out, I see some riders popping up ahead of me as they bunny-hop the spinning, spewing waterbottle as it clatters across the road and all of a sudden there it is in front of my wheel! I hop, brake hard to shed some speed going into the hairpin turn, skid my rear wheel first left, then right to make the sharp turn and sprint up to make up the smal gap. I see about 6 other waterbottles spinning across the road in the next 20 kms -- what's up with that?

Still in the peleton, we rush through a number of riverside villages w/twisty streets and cobbled, raised walkways in their centres (easy to anticipate since they always lead to the church entrance) and approach the first major difficulty, the climb out of the Oise valley in Nesles. Farid and Jeannot move up past me in anticipation of the climb Tim, our Australian dynamo is already up in the group w/ our ex-elite UK/US racer, Craig. I'm boxed in and before I can make it through an opening, we are at the bottom of the hill.

I'd like to say that I'm planning on "peaking" in June and so it is too early for me to taking these hills at 35km/hr, but the truth is I've had a hard two weeks at work and haven't done the hard training I need to be able to stay w/ these youngsters. I'm off the back w/ about 1/3rd of the field, gritting my teeth and trying to surf the wave of lactic pain. I catch up to Fabien -- he's a young policeman in his dayjob and a great MTBr -- and look back to see how many other riders are cresting with us... f?ck, none! The rest of the group is about 50 metres back, Ahead is another group of 7-8 riders that were dropped after us, and about 300 metres ahead is the lead group.

We look at each other, drop our heads grab our bars in the drops and start hammering to catch the riders ahead. Of course, they are doing the same to catch the first group. Just then Jean drives up and yells out the window "allez relance, une dent de plus! il faut absolument racrocher (common, speed up, one tooth less, you have got to bridge up)" I just love it when he yells things like that when he has got his a$$ firmly planted on the car seat...not! Fabien is coming thro
paris-vallangoujard pt. 2philippec
Apr 8, 2003 2:23 AM
Fabien is coming through to take his turn and his eyes are as bloodshot as mine -- he is just shaking his head. Jean drives off to be with the real players on our team and we are left to our lonely time-trial to try to catch the guys ahead.

We trade turns and slowly ratchet up the speed as the lactic accumulated in the hill drains from our legs -- but it isn't at all obvious that we are gaining on the group ahead. We turn into the wind, and continue to work hard. We are both at our limit now and are not talking. Our mouths are open and we grimace every time the other pulls off the front and exposes us toi the wind -- but it looks like there is some confusion in the group ahead and they aren't trading turns steadily. The first group is now quite a ways ahead and we only occasionally see it as the landscape opens up between copses of trees and villages. Perhaps they have given up on catching the group. So much the better for us.

Now we are gaining on them, and after two really hard pulls, we just make contact at the back of the group at the bottom of a hill. Just then, some bozo attacks off the front, everyone yells at him b/c he isn't going to get anywhere alone and into the wind, but they all lift off their saddles and chase after him. Fabien groans, and I feel like turning around and going home.. but Jean has got my bag in the back of the car, so I keep going up the hill at a steady pace. Fabien and I lose sight of the group as they enter a village but are surprised to see them just ahead of us as we turn around the church. The bozo is at the front and no one is trading turns with him -- serves him right. He keeps working solo for the next few kms, and Fabien and I are quickly back in the group. We see the main group for the last time of the day just across the valley. We are only 60 kms into the race. The next 40 kms are a blur, we take steady turns hoping not to lose too much more time on the group, and are averaging about 35-40 km/hr. The bozo blows up along the way and two other riders drop off, but we pick up a few riders that have dropped off the first group as well. Fabien can talk, I can only grunt in response. At one point it starts drizzling. About 12 km from the finish, a team van passes us and slows down in front of our group. 3 guys, including Fabien, sprint up behind it and tuck into its draft just 50 cms behind the bumper. The others try to follow but blow up on the hill we are ascending. I don't even try – I am wrung out. I pass two other guys from our group who tried to sprint behind the van and get to the top of the climb just in time to see the van (now 20 metres ahead of the riders) and Fabien's group riding away. I am alone know, and don't feel like chasing after them (as if I could!) into the wind. I come to an intersection at 10 kms to go, the race goes straight but the sign to the left indicates "Vallangoujard – 8 kilometres". I stop, unpin my number and hand it to the person guarding the intersection, and turn left. 8 tail-wind kms later, I get to finish line and learn that we got fourth with our young cyclocross star Romain. Tim, Fréd and Jeannot all finished in the pack Farid, Craig, Ceal, Jean-Jacques and I all pulled out.

Ceal and I decided that, as penance we would the ride 30 kms back to my appt. in St. Germain, where he could catch the train pack to Paris. The funny thing is that the wind had picked up into a north-east howler and literally blew us along at close to 50km/hr. on the flats back to Cergy-Pontoise (I think my back-pack acted like a sail). As soon as we hit the smallest hill however, we would drop into the small chainring and painfully labour up at 10-15 kms/hr and hope not to cramp up. Oh well, I'm off for 2 weeks of vacation down south and likely won't race until I get back. The bike is coming with me and I will be doing hill intervals on the Ventoux – that should pay off before the next race!


re: Weekend race reportJimena
Apr 8, 2003 10:18 AM
I promoted a race on Saturday, involving about 19 hours of work and 3 hours of sleep and by Sunday, I was ready to work out some aggression, so I went off the front of our little 18 miles circuit race in Tysons. Then I went off the back. Then I bridged up, then I dropped out on the last lap with my calves cramping really badly. One of my teammates won, so it was not a total wash. Fun, easy, safe race for the first race of the season. I was happy with 21st place.
Your hard work is appreciated.cbass
Apr 8, 2003 10:32 AM
You put on a well organized & very fun race.

Thank you
It was my pleasureJimena
Apr 8, 2003 2:49 PM
I'm so glad you came out to race and that you had fun. Appreciate the support and the props -- it was great to have it go off well after months of fretting and having not very much of a clue what I was doing. Results should be up on our website soon.
re: Weekend race reportlexington476
Apr 8, 2003 6:51 PM
I did the C (cat 5) class in a road training race this past Sunday. One of my first races, just getting into this sport. Got dropped by the pack in less then one lap (15 lap race), linked up with some of the other slower riders for a while. Nevertheless, I still had a blast! Have another road training race this Saturday, then Sunday off to the first MTB time trial race of the season (beginner class).

Rock on!
re: Weekend race reportflyinbowlofmilk
Apr 9, 2003 7:35 PM
Well as for me I did my 1st road race of 2003. I surprise most of my teemates that had just finish their road race. I started off with out no problem,and proceed to stay with the pack for 9 miles of 37 miles. My only problem was that they kept of yelling stopping or slowing while i was in the pack . Next time I take the outside lane when in a pack . But all in all I finish almost dead last. I finish 48 out of 50 cat 5racer. Oh well there next the next race . But I am getting better at staying with the pack.