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Hey Gregg, how's about this for an idea?(1 post)

Hey Gregg, how's about this for an idea?eyebob
Apr 7, 2003 5:00 AM isn't running their fantasy cycling contest this year. What about RBR doing one? It's pretty simply, pick a series of races/tours etc, have a list of riders from which everyone chooses, collect points based on your riders finishes, and in the end, the person with the most points wins (something). I know that when I've participated in the Campy contest over the past two years, lots of folks from around the world have signed up to compete. There wasn't any charge for entering so there was a lot of interest generated. Any thoughts.

I'm thinking that there have to be some talented folks on this board who would know how to arrange something like this so you may even be able to tap our own "community" for the help in setting it up. What'd be neat (and different than Campy's effort) is that the fantasy "season" could take on a more American flavor if you include US based races in the "season."

Any thoughts?