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C/Cat 5 Racinglexington476
Apr 3, 2003 7:19 PM
I am getting into C/Cat 5 racing on the weekend (as well as MTB). Even at this low level, most of the other racers are faster then I am. Any tips for staying with the pack? In the two (training) races I did over last weekend, I found my self-alone for 90% of the race. Is it wise to try to hook up with some of the other slow racers and draft off each other? Each pulling for half a lap or so? For gears, should I try to stay in one gear for the whole race or shift using the big chain rings (leaving the rear in a middle gear)? I run a triple up front. People say to use the big ring, but I am not strong enough (yet) to do hills in the big. Nevertheless, I am working on all this. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Just looking for some feedback.
re: C/Cat 5 RacingkenyonCycleist
Apr 3, 2003 8:35 PM
change gear as necessary to maintain cadence. if u are having problems w/ spinning in the 53, which is what i assume u r ridin try something a little smaller like a 50t ring..and loose the triple. it is very unlikely that u will need that setup unless the races are extremely hilly. as for drafting a half lap is much too long for a pull...even if u only have like 3 riders in the paceline limit pulls to 30 sec. dont worry so much about strength...what is keeping u from riding in the big ring is probably a combination of low aerobic capacity and LT...intervals can improve that.
re: C/Cat 5 Racinglexington476
Apr 4, 2003 4:47 AM
I have a 52Ax42Sx30S. Do these letter mean anything? Why not keep the 30? Taking it off can not save that much weight? Or is there something I am missing?
What you are missing53T
Apr 4, 2003 7:36 AM
is that road racers are fashion victims. There is no good reason to change you triple to a double in Cat5, or any other Cat for that matter.

What does your training schedule look like? What is your height/weight? Do you belong to a club? Have you gone to any racing clinics? As you can tell by my questions, it's not about the bike.

You shifting question in particular makes me curious about your riding/training history. Shimano and Campy are not tripping over themselves to make 10 or 11 speed cassetts so you can leave it in the middle gear and only shift the front.

As far as the letters on the rings, they just tell you what little ring the big ring goes with and vice/versa, You should ignore them.

your hill training should be done alone or with small groups. Your aerobic training and bike handling (shifting included) should be practices in big groups of cyclist at your ability level or slightly higher. Use training races to improve your race-specific skills. Accordingly, go to the flat training races like crits. Also if it is a true training crit, when you get dropped just recover, drift back and join in again when the field comes around. Maximize your time in the pack to learn how to race.

Do this for 4 months then report back.
What you are missingkenyonCycleist
Apr 4, 2003 12:16 PM
what i was primarily saying is that by changing the front ring he won't have to wait 4 months to be able to ride in the big ring...and in the meantime he can adapt his body to the BR. as far as the triple goes..yea i agree its not the most important thing to change...but from what i know the only thing that inner ring is good for is taking a shortcut from doing the work required to get stonger....take it out of the equation and you limit the number of variables that can result in that tendency.