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advice for first-time hosting a time trial series?(5 posts)

advice for first-time hosting a time trial series?JS Haiku Shop
Mar 31, 2003 11:20 AM
i'm quite active in the local (rec) club and am considering putting on an individual time trial series--one per weekend, four to six weekends, each tt of longer distance or difficulty. the club hosts two complete (with SAG and entry fee) rides per year, no races. the local race scene is modest, at best.

many questions--i've never done this or hosted/organized any event in the past. i've also never ridden an "official" ITT. will be doing this under the umbrella of the club, which has a board of directors (i'm on it) and is fully insured.

advertising or getting the word out: suggestions?

how many volunteers are needed to run an ITT?

how to make it "official" with USCF? (is USCF the right org?)

what of permits and closing roads?

what is the right amount to ask for an entry fee?

what support is required, if any?

are ITTs done in categories like road races and crits?

can ITT results be used to "cat up"?

ANY advice or observations from experience is/are most appreciated!


just some ideasDougSloan
Mar 31, 2003 11:33 AM
First, I don't think I'd do it longer each time, nor every weekend. Part of the reason, for me, to do tts is to compare times each time I do them. Also, doing one every weekend might cause burnout and interfer with training too much. I would do them once a month, like our club does here, and keep the course exactly the same.

If you do an out and back, with no intersections along the way, all you need it start/finish people and someone at the turn around. Depending upon the number of entrants and spacing, you might get away with just 3 people, then (starter, finish, turn around). You might recruit holders from the participants.

TT's are not mass start races, and cannot be used to upgrade.

They are done by category, and usually you lump together the same cats, but it doesn't really matter, except to keep the conditions more the same for those racing against each other.

Call your local USCF district (regional?) rep about becoming an official race. That person should help you.

Road closure is entirely a local thing. I'd contact the local police or sheriff's office. Talk to someone in the club who has done this there before. Someone may have an "inside track" to get it pushed through.

TT's are simple. The most important aspect is to stay on time, and get the results right. If you don't have lots of entrants, do 1 minute intervals and make it easier on yourselves.

Don't try to ride your own event.

Good luck.

re: advice for first-time hosting a time trial series?brider
Mar 31, 2003 12:35 PM
My club (Seattle Velo -- ) has put on an early season TT for the last several years. But it's only one event.

Can't give you any feedback on permits, but you might be able to get ahold of one or two of our club officers that can give you more info.

Don't even think of closing roads for a TT. As for numbers of people -- three at the start (one to call out numbers, one to hold the riders at the start, and one to do the countdowns for the start), three at the turn-around (flaggers to stop traffic going each way, and one to write down the numbers of the riders as they pass), five at the finish (this includes the ref, but you have one to call off rider numbers as they approach, one to do the finish times, one scribe that's writing down numbers and times, one back-up person). In addition, you have the people that run registration, do set-up and tear-down, etc. You can have some overlap with these, and you might want to consider having some rovers/back-ups to allow for potty breaks. You'd need more for any intersections -- NEVER have your TT course go through a stop-sign, even if you have traffic control. It can be done, but you need people that know what they're doing, and even then it's not a sure-fire safety measure. You might want to have two courses that you repeat three times each if you're doing a 6-race series. A local series out here had three courses that they rotated throughout the summer.

We charged $15, I believe, but we've had other series in the past that were much less (maybe the economies of scale help out here). We had over 200 riders show up. you can break up the categories as you like, but start order should be based on registration order, with numbers somehow correlating with start time (we started with 900 and went to 959, then 1000-1059, etc, and started the riders at 9:00 am on one minute intervals.

Hope that helps.
re: advice for first-time hosting a time trial series?Matt Britter
Mar 31, 2003 4:50 PM
Here are some sites that have TT series:

Hope these help.
Keep it simple and low keyB123
Apr 6, 2003 11:30 PM
Our local TT's are held every wednesday for free. Most counties (atleast CA/NV) do not require road closure for non-mass start races. We don't even have a turn-around person, just some spray paint on the road. Just one person to start/time and no cat's. With less than 30 racers each week I didn't need numbers either. Laid-back, low key. Our crit series charged $3 to cover insurance plus $1 primes!

We post flyers at local shops, gyms, cycling forums, e-mails to local clubs, word of mouth at training rides, and district race newsletters. Don't forget swim/running shops, triathletes love TT's. One of the shops was nice enough to post results too.

Other posters are right in saying to keep the course the same for time comparison, although I like to hold a couple special ones with hills to mix things up.

If you want an official race, contact the USCF rep. A list can be found at
The regional reps are exceedingly busy though, usually better to contact a local rep. For NorCal that would be Casey Kerrigan, (510) 531-1400,

A real USCF TT with prize money will attract ~100 people probably.

On a side note: Its always funny to see triathletes ride the TT, then run it.