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How is everyone?(30 posts)

How is everyone?flyinbowlofmilk
Mar 30, 2003 7:53 PM
Hi! It your nusciance fly that fell in the bowl of milk. I just thought I might find out how my racing friends are doing so far this racing season. I haven't heard from Weinwentg,or LFR,BLOG. So what's up? I thought you all got a good laugh out of me last year. But this year ,it has been sporadic to say the least. Well I will tell you that I have started my 2nd year Cat 5 racing season. And I just got a new road bike. I have done 2 races (training Crits.) that was in Virgina. Got lapped at least 2 in both crits,not to mention learning some new things along the way. My speed has improve slightly and I am starting to get pack-friendly. Although my 2 races were C races,I know it will help me this year. Well I am getting prepared to do my 1st RR next weekend. And I thought I would like to hear how everyone racing season is going so far.And to BLOG,I hope you get better, so you can give the other guys a serious beating. Congradulations LFR for being a Cat 2 women racer. So everyone,please don't leave you nusciance Flyinthebowlofmilk(FBM) out of your racing season.


(The nusciance Cat5)
Hey FBM - I won one for ya today!!lonefrontranger
Mar 30, 2003 9:00 PM
Hey there, sounds like things are starting to come together for you. I always enjoy hearing your racing stories! You keep at it and don't sell yourself short. Tell yourself at the line that you are one cast iron son of a battleship and you are gonna sink all those other chumps.

You flatter me too much, by the way - I am only a 3 still, but looking to make the upgrade to 2 by the end of the season. When you go from 4 to 3 in Women's you might as well be a pro, 'cos whether you want to or not, you are going to get to play hardball with all the Elite racers anyhow!

I had a rough 3 first races. Not only was I on a mind-numbingly hard volume increase training-wise (try 5-6 hours on Saturdays with several hours of intervals and motorpace sessions), but the local Sunday training crit series has drawn the likes of Kim Bruckner from T-Mobile, Kori Kelly from Diet Rite, Sara Konrad who is one of the top sprinters going right now, and a host of their teammates, cronies and a bunch of other enthusiastic hard hitters. There have been 40-50 really darned fast women on the line each week and my sorry ass has been dropped, lapped and kicked more than I care to think about. I tell myself that it can't be that bad, because if our team coach and Olympic cyclist Ann Trombley can't finish top-20, I'm not doing too horribly... As shirt so aptly pointed out, for you Cat III regula' joes, this is analogous to youall racing against Tyler Hamilton, Fred Rodriguez and the Navigators every week.

To make a long story short, I am tapering to prime for a focus event in two weeks. So, in a desperate desire for change of venue, psychology, anything, I opted to do the Ft. Collins Oval Crit this week instead of Stazio. Stazio is hilly, windy and hard, with big fields of strong riders just dying to rip your legs off and feed 'em to you. The Oval is technical, flat, fast and fun, and is a USCF collegiate race that lures good quality fields but typically not the major sharks.

13 ladies showed up to play in my field today. The pace was quick but not outrageous and I took a few forays up the road to test my legs, all promptly countered by a team that fielded 4 ladies riding tactically well (none of my teammates elected to do this one). I was not going to win a field sprint with these gals covering me like a shag rug, so something had to give. With 3/4 of a lap to go at the bell, I took one of those wild 1% chances on someone else's mis-shift that stopped the pack. I had good racing room, so I took off like the proverbial violated chimpanzee, through the quick session of 6 corners that led into the sweeping oval sprint. My Polar download data from that lap is pretty fun. I went from 14.4mph to 25.6 within 50 meters. I held an average HR for 1K of 192bpm. My speed did not drop below 25, and on the last sweeper, coming into the sprint and into a pretty stiff headwind, I held 28.2 mph for the entire length of the turn into the base of the small hill, then held 25.3 all the way to the line. I could not have gotten out of the saddle to sprint to save my life, and I was so tunnel visioned at 150 meters I couldn't even tell if I was getting passed. I managed to hold off the stampede at the line by a scant bike length.

My first attempt ever to do an "Ekimov" and it worked! That was the hardest last lap of a bike race I have ever done, and merely serves to validate why I don't ever want to become a kilo' racer.

Sherpa23 takes full credit, by the way, as not only is this thanks to his careful training and supervision, but I happened to also be racing on a set of his wheels, which he claims are both lucky AND fast. I also credit it to those sadistic motorpacing sessions of his, if only because it convinced me that I wouldn't actually die when my legs felt like that.
Awesome report... Congrats!!! (nm)skimoviestar
Mar 30, 2003 9:48 PM
Nice job! Congrats!!! (nm)speedisgood
Mar 31, 2003 8:18 AM
Great report, love the details! Nice job! nmnoveread
Mar 31, 2003 8:58 AM
Thanks for thatJimena
Apr 1, 2003 4:11 PM
Your report got my HR up. I'm amazed. 192bpm? Average? You are blazing fast, girlfriend.

What kind of HRM is that? I want one.

Congratulations, keep chalking up those upgrade points.

You should come to PA and race Altoona stage race in August. We need to generate 30 women in order to have a cat. 3 field. Last year it was an awesome race, lots of climbing and fun. E me if you think you might be interested.
Polar 710ilonefrontranger
Apr 1, 2003 6:06 PM
Spendy, but worth it IMO. I haven't yet gotten the cadence sensor for it. My coach says the power sensor isn't worth bothering with. But for pure data sampling the download feature is unbeatable. With the altitude turned on, it's very easy to tell where each lap begins and ends on a crit unless it's flat as a tennis court (you can almost always tell by the profile). You can then select sections of the data as I did for the report and pull averages.

My average / max HR doesn't tell the whole story, unfortunately. I'm just one of those little folks with a really small-bore engine :) I've seen as high as 218 once - in a roller race of all things. I've always had ridiculously high numbers that don't actually seem to help me generate much horsepower in the real world. I am an okay time triallist - last year in a stage race I posted 39:01 for 14.5 miles on a rolling TT course with a fair amount of wind. My comfortable TT range runs between 182-185 HR.

I've done 'Toona a couple times: '96 and '98. Would love to go back, but I don't think the logistics are correct. I am looking to do Masters' Nats this year, and I believe they are the same weekend. Besides, I've had my butt kicked enough by the Snow Valley gals, I'm not sure I'd relish a flashback ;) I saw a girl in Snow Valley kit on my ride tonight, as a matter of fact. Anyone you know?
Hey FBM - I won one for ya today!!Sadlebred
Apr 2, 2003 12:27 PM
Congrats on the win LFR! (I'm a few days behind reading the Board). I did my first 3 crit a few weeks ago. It was hard with the likes of Candice Blikem (Genesis) and some of the Fugi girls (southeast power squad) driving the pace at 25 mph for the first 10 minutes. Eventually, I had to drop out. I upgraded from 4 to 3 at the end of last year and am (??) looking forward to getting dropped quite a bit last year.

Atlanta, GA
thanks, I'm behind and getting behinder boardwiselonefrontranger
Apr 2, 2003 11:26 PM
I doubt I'll be able to post much from work as I've taken on some new stuff that is keeping me honest :) Plus I'm training a lot.

The 4-3 upgrade is definitely an eye opener. We don't have any promoters here who offer Women's 3-4 races, but I do have an "out" should I choose to take it... I turned 35 racing age this year. The 35+ gals race with the 4s out here, so I can pick my battles - or double up.

I upgraded late mid-season last year then promptly broke my shoulder in one of my dumber stunts. I barely got back in time from being injured to do the final crit of the year which was pretty mellow all things considered. The locals come out of the gate unbelievably fast in spring, then things tend to fizzle around mid-June. I keep telling myself normality will reestablish itself once the pro race season really kicks in and all the hard hitters take off for greener pastures and fatter prize lists, not that it makes our racing any easier but at least the space alien quotient diminishes by a factor of about ten. Current Boulder area locals = Dede Demet-Barry, Kim Bruckner, Alison Dunlap, Sara Konrad, Jessica Phillips, Mari Holden, Katrina Berger, Kori Kelly; these are all names you will see regularly at the top of the NCS and some even UCI standings. Plus any number of elite pro triathlete and/or distance running crossover wonders. I guess I'm lucky Jeannie Longo no longer races here locally. I don't know if this is an urban legend or not, but I am told that the ACA was eventually forced to bar her from racing Men's 3 because she beat them too often and they got testy about it.

Speaking of which, one of the recommendations I've had is to go back to doing some men's races to sharpen my speed and lower the gain on my chaos meter, if you know what I mean. I'll see how that works - I'm going to race with my SO and his teammates on Saturday in fact.

Good luck racing - it may be hard now but your legs will come to you. I assume you are doing the Athens Twilight this year?
thanks, I'm behind and getting behinder boardwiseSadlebred
Apr 3, 2003 6:14 AM
"We don't have any promoters here who offer Women's 3-4 races"

We have a few, but they are few and far between. Another option some promoters have taken to around here for omniums or stage races is to offer a Cat. 3 prize list seperate from the overall 1/2/3 prizelist. It's usually a small amount...maybe $100-150...but it offers something to the Cat. 3's. The Historic Roswell Crit, a NCS race this year, is offering a 3/4 crit that a friend and former teammate of mine fought for. The 3's have the option of racing 1/2/3 or 3/4. I'm 28, so I don't have the option of racing Masters yet.

"The locals come out of the gate unbelievably fast in spring, then things tend to fizzle around mid-June."

That tends to happen around here as well. The bigger teams go onto NCS races or other battling grounds, and it's the locals that are left to race. A few Cat. 3's have said the pace of races will decrease around here by May.

"Current Boulder area locals = Dede Demet-Barry, Kim Bruckner, Alison Dunlap, Sara Konrad, Jessica Phillips, Mari Holden, Katrina Berger, Kori Kelly"

Locals around here include Tina Mayolo Pic, Candice Blickem, Shannon Hutchinson, Michelle McCollough (two track stars), and the entire Genesis Scuba Team. Speaking of Jeanie Longo, she did a local stage race last year and lapped the Women's 1/2/3 field multiple times.

"I assume you are doing the Athens Twilight this year? "

Probably not. The Tour de Georgia is the same weekend, and I plan to ride up to the mountains and watch the Saturday stage as it passes over one of our most ridden "gaps". I may make it over to Athens to watch, but I doubt I will race. I usually do the mountain bike events; never done the road events, but the mtb course this year is at the Olympic Horse Park. I despise that course. I'm saving myself for Roswell the following weekend. I still consider myself a mountain bike racer that dabbles in road racing....7th year on the mtb.

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I was mad at you butshirt
Apr 4, 2003 3:21 PM
congratulations. I know what you mean about the violated monkeys; other than Bubbles, they always run from me that way, too.

Sherpa23 does not take credit. That is your victory, honeypie, plain and simple. Furthermore, you recently used the word "soupcon" in a sentence without flinching (or putting quotation marks around it), and I find myself unable to maintain my righteous indignation any longer.

Well done.

yeah, I figured :)lonefrontranger
Apr 4, 2003 9:56 PM
I could see the little black cloud from here. You shouldn't take it personally, I've called out better men than you on this board ;) I was somewhat looking forward to my very own shirt-fest foaming rant of a personal insulting session, you actually kind of disappointed me.

Thanks, seriously, and good luck with your team racing. Keep us posted on how that goes, BTW.

Sherpa23 actually does get quite a bit of credit for this one because it's he who has been teaching me the psychology of riding to win, rather than just riding for a good placing, and that's totally what I did last Sunday. Plus his motorpace sessions have made it feasible for me to realize just how much I can suffer and still survive - that level of effort is where I used to crap out and sit up thinking I just couldn't handle it anymore. Sure, in the end it is all up to me, but without the mental and physical honing I've gotten from the Sherpa it would have been more up to luck than determination. Once I made that gap, I was damned if I'd let them get me, and two years ago I for sure would have folded in the last 200 meters.
A view from mid-packMR_GRUMPY
Mar 31, 2003 6:42 AM
There is nothing like a 38 degree Crit to warm you up. A few guys showed up at the line with tights and jackets. They were soon to melt down, and get shot out the back. This week I didn't have the excuse of a flat on the bell lap. The race was medium fast, with lots of surges. It all came down to a field sprint. Boy, there are sure are a lot of crappy bike handlers out there (Holding a line through a turn is optional). I got boxed in, but got around a few to take 12th. I guess if I came around the last turn in the top 5, the path would be a little clearer. I'll make a note of that, for next time. On the bright side, there were a lot of guys that were really gassed on the last lap.
Next week= Time Trial
A view from the front, then behind the pack...noveread
Mar 31, 2003 7:17 AM
I did my first race (a crit) of the year yesterday. The race was, let's just say, interesting! It was a nice venue, a 1 mile loop on a college campus. The roads were pretty good but it was narrow. The field was 68! Much too big a group on this circuit. On just about every lap there were wild swings in speed ranging from 32 down to 17! Add this to some very, very sketchy riders and it got really frustrating.

I wasn't planning on doing anything, but go so frustrated that on the last lap, before the little hill, I went up the right gutter. I'd had enough of the uterly rediculous "slow-to-a-crawl" business. I blew my wad pretty quick and was caught at the top of the hill. Maybe I'd have made it if I had not attacked from the back?! :) ha-ha! Anyway, after my little attack, I just slipped off the back of the field during the run-in to the line.

Guess I need to get suggestions from LFR about how to do these last lap attacks!

This coming Sunday is the first race that means anything to me, so we'll see how I go.

On the bright side, I didn't crash my new ride, despite the efforts of some of the other riders! :)

Sounds like Parkside. Is that the 3s or the 4s race...greg n
Mar 31, 2003 3:20 PM
your talking about?

Who do you ride for?

I did the 3s, and surprisingly, there were some squirrels. And the pace was disturbingly slow when we hit the wind approaching the hill. It was just too strong for any of the attacks to stick.

I was hoping to crack the top ten, but ended up 14th. I had to slow a little on the final straight to avoid some blown riders.
That's where I was also.MR_GRUMPY
Mar 31, 2003 5:30 PM
That sounds almost exactly like my story. I had guys cutting me every other lap. Usually all the squirrels get shed in the first few laps, but this year, they must have trained all winter. I went wide for the sprint, but had to slow until I got unboxed. Different race, same story.
Narrow road. No where to move. nmgreg n
Apr 1, 2003 7:13 AM
Sounds like Parkside. Is that the 3s or the 4s race...noveread
Apr 1, 2003 12:42 PM
Yep, it was parkside, the 4s. It was really something! Way too big a group for that narrow little lane!

I am without a team, a freelancer! My club is Stoton VC but they are not a USCF club so I am riding unattached. I'd like to join a team if I can find one that has the same philosophy as me. But that will be hard to find in the 4s.

How about you?

Project 5 Racinggreg n
Apr 1, 2003 2:41 PM
We are a newly-formed team in the Chicago area. After going head-to-head in races on different teams for the last couple seasons, and forming friendships along the way, we came to the conclusion that we all had a common goal(s) as to what a team should be. Hence, the formation of this new team, Project 5. The majority of us are USCF 4 currently with hopes of moving to 3 soon, some still USCF 5. And ABR 4, some 3. Actually, one of our guys just took 5th overall for the 1/2s in the Parkside series. We have 14 members total.

We also have a women's squad forming. And I think it will have 8-11 members.
Hey, I know one of your other riders...noveread
Apr 1, 2003 2:55 PM
Dave Aldersebaes. He and I were actually trying to meet down there, but I didn't know where to look for him! Or that he'd be in a Project 5 jersey.

Yeah, Dave's a good guy.greg n
Apr 1, 2003 3:08 PM
He was actaully just past the start/finish line warming up on a trainer before the 4s race. So I guess you saw him in the race then. Not much chance to converse while racing though.
Yeah, Dave's a good guy.noveread
Apr 1, 2003 6:17 PM
Actually there would have been plenty of time to chat during the race, it wasn't a fast race!

Are you going to come up for the GDVC crits? I know Dave was going to depending on how he felt upon arriving back into town.

Shoot me an email if ya'd like.

Got in the moneyspeedisgood
Mar 31, 2003 8:27 AM
About 20 guys showed up yesterday for the Cat. 1-4 Cuyahoga Valley Spring Training race on a rolling course in 37 degree weather and under the threat of snow (which held off till the 3rd lap or so). The first of 6 five-mile laps started slowly but things quickly heated up as Team Columbus riders, nee Cuyahoga Valley Velo, started attacking in turn around the end of the first lap. Brian Batke was the first to try his luck and as he was reeled in, Tris Hopkins attacked. Tris gave it a good effort but he was stalled in the strong headwind and gradually came back to the field.

As we caught Tris at the top of the first set of rollers on the frontside of the course, I accelerated a little to see if anyone wanted to play. I didn't think anyone paid any attention to my "move" until a group of four pulled up to me. In the group were Paul Martin (GoMart), Brian Batke (Team Columbus), Jeremy Grimm (?), and Sean (?) (Summit Freewheelers). We had a gap and I knew that this was the race since there were a couple strong CVV guys in the field to bring back any counters. I tagged along with the break and tried to do my share but it was tough with the false flats and wind along the course (not to mention riding with cat. 1's and 2's). I saw 26 MPH a lot on my speedo during the flat but windy parts of the course.

My legs were definitely feeling the strain of just keeping up with these guys so with around 2 laps to go, I couldn't help letting some gaps open up when the road tilted up to any degree. Not surprisingly, with one lap to go and our group still together with a healthy 2+ min lead, Brian started jumping the group on the rises.

Sadly, I had no response left for the counter attacks so the group rode away for the last lap, with Jeremy beating Paul in the sprint, Brian, then Sean. I managed to drift in for 5th (and the last money spot) about 1+ min ahead of a hard-charging 3-man CVV-led chase group.
Well done! nmnoveread
Mar 31, 2003 8:57 AM
Got in the moneyThorman
Apr 1, 2003 9:38 AM
I rode the B race, which was much less exciting than yours. No real action until the sprint at the end. A few attacks on the last lap, but nothing got away. I think next week I'll have to try something a little earlier. I couldn't believe how cold it was at the start, but two laps later I was plenty warm. Hopefully next week's race is a little warmer.

Are you on a team?speedisgood
Apr 2, 2003 7:25 AM
I actually managed to forget a jacket so props to Tom Freuh for loaning me his for the race!

I checked the weather for Sunday and guess what? Scattered showers and 43 degrees. Whoop-de-frickin-doo. Gorgeous during the week and absolute crap on the weekends. Figures.
Are you on a team?Thorman
Apr 2, 2003 5:53 PM
I just started racing last year and ride with Stark Velo. We've got around 15 on the team, mostly cat 4's. I just looked at the forecast and it does look like it might turn cold again on Saturday and Sunday, but not nearly as cold as last Sunday. These weather websites are hard to figure though. I've got 4 of them bookmarked so I can get a few opinions on the weather and it never fails that they are wrong this early in the week. It has to get warmer sooner or later doesn't it?

No race this weekend but...Matt Britter
Mar 31, 2003 9:05 AM
I did do a nice 6.5 hr ride in the hills on Saturday. We rode a little over 85 miles and one seven mile down hill which got us to 48mph! It was a nice smooth 4 lane highway coming down from 5000' to 1500', very fast when you have six guys drafting off each other.
Congrats, LFR. FBG, where did you race?bill
Mar 31, 2003 11:19 AM
I am located in NoVa. See you around, I guess.
Very cool race reports, everyone. Enjoyed them.
My first race was to be yesterday, but it snowed, and we are not Belgian.
Fort Collins, Coloradolonefrontranger
Apr 1, 2003 5:14 AM
I've raced in snow before, it's overrated.