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Road Bike Upgradeslexington476
Mar 30, 2003 4:29 PM
I have a 2003 Specialized Allez 24 (the basic $599 bike) and looking to upgrade a few things on it (it is factory stock so far). I race the Allez on the weekend cat 5/C races (beginner here). Specialized uses this same frame on a few different bikes.

What should I upgrade first?
Is there a recommended order?

When I was talking to one of the Cat 2 racers today, he said the best thing to do first would be rims, true?
re: Road Bike UpgradeskenyonCycleist
Mar 30, 2003 7:37 PM
even better and cheaper would be to get a good pair of race tyres...i have found michelin pro race tyres to be the fastest, toughest and most well made, altough u pay for the speed by a loss of traction (primarily in the rain). dont worry too much about weight saving through lighter components--it's a lot cheaper to lose a few pounds off your body than your bike, plus the guys i race w/: 1/2/3 (i am a three) usually race on a high spoke-count wheel, although a few including meself race on composite aero wheels. At this point your best bet would be to stick with your wheels (which i take it are a large spoke-count type) primarily b/c they will withstand the crashes that come with learning handeling skills. Another thing i would suggest is changing your largest chainring to maybe a 50t if it currently a 53t. This will allow u to spin faster cadences, provide a wider range of usable ratios while in the large chainring and it will increase the rate at which u adapt to riding in the big ring. From my experience, most Cat. V racers ride gears that require more muscle strength than they have available, consequently pedaling with a low, inefficient cadence. Racing w/ say a 50t instead of a 53t will allow u to ride in the large ring longer than others and more importantly, it will force u to spin at a high cadence which will allow to generate the same speeds as stronger riders but with less effort.
Wise investmentsKerry
Apr 6, 2003 2:26 PM
There are very few justified "upgrades" for a new $600 bike. Mentioned in another post was better tires/tubes, something you will need to buy anyway as your current tires wear out and could possibly save you 200 gm off your wheels. A good set of wheels would be around $300 (Record or DA hubs w/Velocity Aerohead rims from Colorado Cyclist or Excel) and would be something you could carry forward to your next bike. But at that point, you'd have spent almost 2/3 of the value of your bike w/o wheels (figure $150 for your current wheels, $450 for the rest of the bike). Things would be pretty much out of proportion already. I'd set aside your cash while training hard and waiting for some things to wear out. If you do train hard and nothing wears out, think of your set aside funds as the downpayment on your next bike.