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Nutrition for Century Ridesixbillionethans
Mar 27, 2003 9:46 PM
Okay, a century ride isn't a "race" but I'm looking for some advice on nutrition as I will be riding the Minnesota Ironman in a month. I'm an avid cyclist, and have done several road rides in the 50-60 mile range as well as some 4-5 hour mtn bike trips, but this will be my first century ride.

Can anyone give me some advice for nutrition on the days leading up to the ride? How about what food/calories I should carry the day of? I'm not concerned about water, since there will be organized spots along the ride.
Enough to not get hungry!hrv
Mar 28, 2003 11:22 AM
But I bet you knew that. I did my first century last year
and was so fixated on not getting hungry that I packed tons in the camelback: nuts,dried fruit, bagels/peanut butter,power bars, gels, etc. And still did a pit stop halfway at a small town deli for a huge turkey sandwhich! I think I gained weight on that ride!

Something like the bagels/peanut butter combo was really all I needed and provided the carbs/fats that the power bars didn't. Eating a pasta meal the night before, or even
for 2 days before, might be good also. A solid balanced breakfast is key as well. You definitely don't want to start hungry. And if you're not too concerned about finishing time (like 5 hours or less) I wouldn't worry about abolutely having to have eaten breakfast like 3 hours before the event.

Always take more than you need. Bonking sucks. A couple of months ago I went on a 75 mile ride and bonked at the halfway point, and the power bars didn't help much at all to lessen it. Right at my lowest point (squirrely riding,
down at myself for how stupid I was, etc.), I had to rub my eyes because I thought I saw a mirage. I looked again and
it was real: a Hostess factory outlet store! 2 Zingers inhaled later, with 2 more for remainder of the ride, and I
was charging again!

Have fun!
You'll need around 2000 caloriesKerry
Mar 29, 2003 8:03 AM
That's just a round number depending on how hard you ride, how well you're fed in advance, and your level of fitness/training. Get about 60-70% of it from carbohydrates and the rest split equally between fat and protein. Drink lots and get some salt along the way. Should be good to go.
You'll need around 2000 caloriessixbillionethans
Mar 29, 2003 10:13 AM
Thanks, that's just the kind of advice I was looking for. I appreciate the help. Nothing says fun like 5 hours on a bike!
Mar 30, 2003 11:13 AM
I did a century on one Clif bar and gatorade - no kidding. I had originally planned on doing half the century, since there was a race the next day.
moral of story: it's best to bring too much food, but don't bring a whole fridge's worth.