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need training schedulekenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 1:10 PM
I am a U23 cat. 3 and have been racing for about 3 years. Never had a test or anything but I feel that I have some potential to become a good racer--I won 4 races last season to upgrade to cat. 3 I am a Jr. in college now but willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my potential. I Know the 18-30 years are the crucial window for doing this. At this point in my life I really just care about cycling more than my studies or anything else--its what makes me feel alive. I can always do grad school later anyhows. Hope to be able to do 2 races/weekend until i get out in may. Got in 80mi of racing last weekend at the OH spring races. Right now I am looking for a good training schedule in between races. any thoughts?
Get Matheny's or Friel's books - all you need to know (nm)Kerry
Mar 27, 2003 5:35 PM
Get Matheny's or Friel's books - all you need to know (nm)kenyonCycleist
Mar 27, 2003 5:53 PM
all me money right now is going into race transportation/ gas etc. as i am car-less. anything u could tell me over email?
It's not that simpleKerry
Mar 29, 2003 7:49 AM
You need to give a lot more details about current condition and goals. Generally, you want to break things up into 6-8 week periods, with 2 days per week of intense (interval) sets, recovery days in between, one or two distance days, and perhaps a day off. Increase volume 10% per week during the first 5-7 weeks of the cycle, then cut 20% the last week. Start the next cycle 10% higher than your "easy week". There's lots of details, and for $10-15 you could get one of these books and actually work out something that would be right for you. Maybe you could even find the book for $5 from one of your "it just fell of the truck" sources for wheels and bikes.