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Brooks, GA Omnium Report (ITT)(1 post)

Brooks, GA Omnium Report (ITT)Sadlebred
Mar 24, 2003 1:50 PM
Brooks Spring Omnium
by Sadlebred

Race: Brooks Time Trial
Date: 3-22-2003
Place: Brooks, GA
Speed: 18.8 mph
Time: 22:03
Distance: 7.2 miles

Sun and high temperatures of 65 degrees greeted riders at the Spring Omnium in Brooks, GA. Saturday saw the time trials and road race. The time trial course was a 3.5 mile out and back for a total of 7 miles. The first ¾ mile was flattish before the 90 degree left hand turn where the road ended. A 2/10 mile climb across a bridge challenged riders as they came off the flats at over 25 mph. The climb had a false top and slowly
went up about another 2/10 mile before turning right. The final stretch before the turn around was very rolling. On the way back, riders descended the climb and came to a steep, unexpected hill before the 90 degree right hand turn. The
last ¾ mile was very fast along the flats.

I started out the morning for my first Cat. 3 event. I chose a time trial because I knew that I could not get dropped, and I was racing only against the clock, not other riders. I had never done a time trial before but had heard how
much fun they were. I purchased aerobars a few weeks ago but had not had a chance to use them because of all of the bad weather. Tuesday night I put them on before I rode the trainer. Finally on Friday I was able to get a quick spin
on the Silver Comet to get used to them. I felt much higher up then when I put my forearms on the handlebars like I had been doing; I was also much more stable. It would be interesting to see how I felt. I had not done a race effort
since mid December when cyclocross ended. Being sick or having a migraine most of February really cut into my training. The horrible weather this spring has not helped any. I can ride the trainer as much as I want, but it does not seem
to help very much. I gain most of my fitness by being on the road.

The morning was a little cool, so I opted to warm up with arm warmers and no water. By the time the race rolled around, I took the arm warmers off and on several times and wavered even more whether or not to carry a bottle. In the
end, I opted to leave the arm warmers off and carry half a bottle of water. I was a little antsy because the officials ran about 30 minutes late, which gave me time to think about things. Thinking before a race is not good for me. I
lined up with the other Pro/1/2/3's. They all looked so fit! I suddenly became self conscious and realized just how out of shape I was! Thank heavens for our black team jerseys. I looked around and saw a few of my friends were there to
see me off. The "Go Trish's!" got me off to a good start. When the official said "3-2-1-GO!," I was off. I stood up and sprinted to get up to speed as quickly as possible. I thought to myself "up, up, up!," which is a saying at
the track to remind you to stand up to get the speed up quickly. I settled down into my aerobars and looked around to make sure that the dogs that chased us during the preride were not around. I did not see either of them. I put my head
down and concentrated on turning over a big gear. My legs were screaming as was my back, which I'd pulled earlier in the week while lifting a monitor at work. I could feel the entire left side of my body searing in pain. It was like the
beginning of last year when I could barely move some days. The pain was robbing the engine of its power. I made the 90 degree turn but wasn't paying attention and nearly wiped out on some gravel. I tucked my head down again and got
comfortable on my bars. I hit the hill in my big ring but quickly shifted into my small ring. My legs burned. My lungs told me to quit. I dropped into a smaller gear and concentrated on spinning a higher cadence up the hill. My 30 second rider passed me. "Come on Trish, just a little more!" I told myself. Stand and sprint. I made it to the top of the false flat. I sat back down and rode on the brake hoods tryin