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This weekends racing....(17 posts)

This weekends racing....Matt Britter
Mar 23, 2003 8:01 PM
Well I traveled up to Merced on Sunday for the Mclane Pacific RR. The closer I got the wetter it became, not really cold just wet. There were no stars aligned for me this weekend. On the promenade out, I was talking with a buddy, and this guy comes cruising in on my right. He was shoulder to shoulder and just feel on me, it pushed me into another guy on my left and we went down! My push off I think helped the guy on my right, cause after I got up he was not around. The only guys down were myself, the guy to my left on a CAAD7 and a guy behind us who could not avoid us and went down also. Needless to say I was very pissed, but helped the one who flatted and ride back to the cars.

One of the guys on my team did say that there were lots of crashes in all classes, probably due to weather, about 30 in all!

Hope others weekends were more productive!
30 in all???? Hah!shirt
Mar 23, 2003 10:56 PM

There were at least 20 pavement surfers in today's Cat-3 race.

Indeed, our team put together the promised "shock and awe" campaign, but due to shirt's inability to do his share, he ended up first for his team. Good/bad.

Two of our guys attacked like dobermans from the line. I even got to hear a bunch of other guys screaming and cursing at them for sprinting from the whistle (heeheehee!). Well, my two upstate homeboys put down so much smack in the first 10 miles I didn't have the juice to come to the front to lay down another ten miles of attitude the way I was instructed. We were going 30-31 on the flats the entire first lap (24 miles per lap, 3 laps total.)

So our first two guys (out of 9) blew up the way they were supposed to while shirt was busy recovering. Several flats and multiple crashes later, I found myself in the last selection of 40 guys (135 starters!) with about 5k to go.

Did I mention it never stopped raining? Oh, wait. Matt already said that.

So the pace got screwed up to nearly 40 mph (yeah, really) with about 2k to go and shirt was actually feeling pretty good. Or so he thought. Before he could test his legs, there was a nice little pile up that reduced the field to about 32, and then another one 100m after that that brought it down to 28 or so. One of my two remaining homeboys got taken out in the first, and the other one had lost his legs. I was feeling good and got what I thought was a pretty good wheel with about 300m to go, got out of the saddle, and... CRAMPS! Both thighs, both calves. So I did what I could from the saddle and crossed about 5 seconds back in 22nd place.

Suck. That'll learn ya to do your miles in the off-season (yes, I was drinking the whole race, don't lecture.) It was also my first Cat-3 race since the 80s, so I shouldn't feel TOO bad, except that I wasn't able to do my JOB in the first lap the way I was supposed to. Mixed feelings.


ps: As a side note, one of the benefits to doing S-3 races is that they're usually slower than Masters 1,2,3. Or so I thought. They had to neutralize the Masters on the second lap to let us by, at which point I noticed we were going 33 mph on the flat with a mild cross wind. I guess you can never tell how a S-3 race is going to be...
Mar 24, 2003 2:47 AM
I took part in my first u23 race of the season this weekend and i dropped out.It was pretty bad.I can only blame myself though.I should have trained harder but then again there were some top teams in the race.Great Britains U23 National Team was there Dutch Mational tem was there GB's other top U23 team were there.Out of about 80 starters only 28 finished.Figures.They get paid to do it.Their equipment is provided. They dont have a full time job besides cycling.I still feel like i could have done better.Any thoughts?
Train like it was a matter of life or death...........nmMR_GRUMPY
Mar 24, 2003 9:33 AM
Mar 24, 2003 10:25 AM
You are correct. Very, Very stiff competition at this race!
DNFtriple shot espresso
Mar 24, 2003 11:01 AM
Evaluate your real potential, determine your goals and focus on those goals. If you think you have a chance at being very good, focus on one thing and dedicate yourself to it. Unless you are an incredible talent it takes a huge effort to get to the top, training only 12-15 hours a week isn't going to do it. Decide, you're either a weekend warrior or you ride your bike for a living. No whinning and saying that you have a job and those guys don't is whinning.

Maybe I'm just bitter because when I was U23 I thought I had to go to school or work, I never focused on racing and realized my full potential. School and work will be there.
re: This weekends racing....spacemonkey
Mar 24, 2003 8:15 AM
bagel and coffee: $2
License renewal: $30
entry fee: $10
torn jersey, shorts, socks, arm&leg warmers: $200
crashed frame: $1000
Bacitracin, Bag Balm, gauze, and bottle of Aleve: $17
Using your right ass cheek to slow from 35mph to a complete stop in 2.5 seconds: Priceless!

...needless to say my weekend was not very productive.
Sorry Monkey....shirt
Mar 24, 2003 9:39 AM
That's why I shave my forearms and ass as well... And my wife just LOVES ass-stubble. :-|


ps: Now you can get the frame you always wanted.
hmm, are you referring to Stazio by any chance?lonefrontranger
Mar 24, 2003 10:01 AM
That sounds depressingly like the crash-fest at Stazio. I had a front-row seat for that lovely 35mph Cat 4 crash going down the descent. Both the Cat 4 and Cat 3 fields elevated their pavement surfing to an art form.

The Pro/1/2s merely looked as though they'd finished Paris-Roubaix, compliments of the nice muddy creek running down the middle of the climb. Chris Fischer from Jelly Belly was the only clean one from spending most of his time off the front, guess he didn't want to gunk up his nice new Orbea.

I got my legs ripped off and fed to me again, same old, same old. Even with doubts as to whether the race was going to be held due to course flooding, etc... there were still 40 starters on the line for the women's race, and it seems most of the Cat 4 and Collegiate B/C women stayed home this week. At least I'm lasting further through each episode prior to droppage and was actually pretty comfortable in the field for a change this time. Team Diet Rite and prime queen Sarah Konrad weren't there yesterday, but Kim Bruckner made it hell on all of us again, even minus her teammates. Our average speed for the first 6 laps was 26mph (that includes the 56' of elevation gain per lap, BTW). You know it's hard racing when Ann Trombley (our team coach and former Olympian) can't even finish in the top 20.
What Cat and what race was that?triple shot espresso
Mar 24, 2003 10:50 AM
I would love to know what happened to the guy that crashed in the 3s race at Stazio. It was a spectactular crash right in front of me for no obvious reason, I wonder if the guy flatted or something. Some guy on an orange bike went down and took a couple more with him. I was almost part of it and still don't know how I avoid him or his bike that slid in front of me sans rider for about 15 feet.

Blessed recovery week. I went into the race on Sunday completely blown and looking forward to the recovery week ahead. But I wanted to get an idea of where I was compared to the other 3s. I had a really hard time moving up through the whole race and whenever I made it to the front I would magically end up in the back after a couple of corners. I was losing a lot of positions that I wouldn't normally and I think it was because of the Team Zed jersey I was wearing. I think guys took one look at that and thought, who the hell is this clown.Some other guys said it was faster than the previous week so I guess I should feel good that I didn't get shelled. I finsihed just out of the top 20 I think.
re: Off the back. Bad Delta Velo!allervite
Mar 24, 2003 10:45 AM
Just did not have the legs to make it through the last section of rollers with the lead group. One of my guys got fourth and I was able to help him and another strong team mate a little.

As for Delta Velo. They were there in mass and raced aggressively. However, on the last lap, they made some bad mistakes in my opinion.

Just past the halfway point, we sent a rider off the front and he dangled there well past the feed zone. Then Delta sent a man up to him, but rather than join our guy in a joint effort, the delta guy blew right by him (2 riders are faster than 1). So now the pack had 2 riders up the road that were slowly pulling away from the pack.

At this point I hear the Delta guys talking and one of them said, "you want to slow it down?" and another said, "Yes." this was followed by, "Lets go to the front and sit up." I was thinking, "Cool!"

Then, I see about 5 Velo Guys flying up the left hand side all together. Everyone in the pack thought, "Big Attack! Jump on it!" So Delta brings the pace up from the low 20's to the high 30's and a host of other teams send small chase groups up the road like "Patriot Missles." Our riders were both brought back right before the rollers began. BUMMER! Delta blew that one. Especialy since our guy can't sprint, but is an awesome TTer.

So goes life in the 4's.
Hey AllerviteS-U-B
Mar 25, 2003 3:33 PM
I would like you to know I was not responsible for that one! that is my team though, but I had already decided not to race the raod race and was glad I did when I saw the rain coming. I was waiting for you to come up to me at the Crit, were you there?

As far as the crit goes on Saturday, there were 5 of delta velo there, but did not get a chance to talk to 3 of them before the race started. So one other teammate and I decided to go for the win for him and I would be his loyal domestique. I told him to get my wheel with 2 laps to go and I would put him in position for the win, and dont go for the last prime!

Well, needless to say I felt so good I just had to go for that last prime, tried to come from about 15th place in the final straight and could not catch the last guy, and 2nd place in a prime gets you exactly nothing. Now my heart rate is 200 and we got 4 laps to go. I get back in the pack and watch my heart rate slowly drop, finally down to 180 when the last lap comes and I check my wheel and my teammate is there. I pull him to the front and we are sitting inside 1st and 2nd around the last turn when my legs decide they are not going any further. I made two mistakes that day, the first was going for the last prime and not having enough time to recover, the 2nd was I had the opportunity to pull my teammate right past everyone in the final turn and enter the final straightaway 1-2 with a gap, but I hesitated and it cost us. Can't beat experience. He ended up in 6th, not bad out of 100 i guess.
Hey Allerviteallervite
Mar 27, 2003 10:28 PM
Sounds like You had fun! I was there, but I was not racing as my duties of assistant team manager of our sponsored 3's team took priority over my own ambitions.

I watched the end of your race though. That was one of our guys off the front for the last 3 laps! You guys have a very big and very strong team! I kept an eye out for you but did not spot the Derosa. I was really looking hard in the road race.
Threw down at a local TT which was heldhrv
Mar 24, 2003 2:01 PM
in my living room! Just finished a rest week so took my usual 30 min. TT test which helps me fine tune my LT. Wanted to quit 15 minutes into it but kept going. What an awesome fitness booster!

Next race on Sunday, 3/30, provided my ear infection clears up that I've had for a damn month now.

re: This weekends racing....GeekRoadie
Mar 24, 2003 5:53 PM
Hey Matt,

Were you racing the 4/5's? The going did not get any better as the race progressed. Crash fiesta... After the race, I was amazed at how many people were carrying their bikes. There were AT LEAST 3 crashes in our field. I'm sure the soupy rain had something do with it.

Hope you and the bike are okay.

P.S.- IMHO, Mclane did a great job organizing the race. I've never had so much junk food after an event... (e.g. nutter butters, combos, three musketeers, and what not). I paid the price when I got home, though. That stuff went through like a sieve.

re: This weekends racing....Matt Britter
Mar 25, 2003 11:11 AM
Yes it was the 4/5's. I have heard over the last couple of days from others that they were indeed lots of incidents (being nice). Another guy from our team (CVC) did not make a bunny hop over a downed rider and bent his rear wheel so bad he could ride it in. The 3's support truck picked him up and go a cold ride in.

I do agree the Mclane group puts on a great weekend. Now if they could just cut a deal with GOD on the rain!
Anyone know where the results are...GeekRoadie
Mar 25, 2003 8:50 PM
for the Mclane crit and RR? I've been checking for the results. No dice.

See you out there at the next race.