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Rock Hill and South Eastern Series + Thanks for race reportsCARBON110
Mar 19, 2003 7:19 AM
First just like to say thanks to everyone for the post below on race reports, I was inspired just by reading them. For those of you racing Rock Hill here are a few tips I learned from last year. First off, you should think about doing Sterling Stage Race in Tenn and Racoon Mtn road race. Both are fun well made courses. For Rock Hill I would start practicing some 15 second sprints with a complete recovery. Do this about 3 x a week. At Rock Hill you sprint around every corner. Be prepared to get passed by alot of guys who sprint real hard around double yellow lines then mix with the group. Some of them will fall back through the group in the secnd half of the race due to lack of endurance for long rides and continuous ( is that a word ? ) sprints. Save your energy and sit in the top 20 people if possible other wis move up slowly. I know you all know the following already but:

1) Dont be nervous about the 80 mile length. Its not a hard race if you ride it smart.
2)The begining is the only tough part and you go over it about 4 or 5 times. It lasts about 4 miles of rough pave' so DON'T bring light wheels but tough ones.
3) The hills are rolling and no big deal even if your bad at hills. Bring FOOD!
4) Make sure it ( FOOD ) is accessible and don't pin your number over your shirt pockets.
5) Remember to drink alot especially if its hot that day cause its the longest race you have done this year.
6) Don't worry about the breaks, there are always people other then yurself who are willing to chase them down :)
7) Practice pedal efficency by keeping the pressure on your feet and pedals light. Spins your legs during the race but don't power them.
8) Stay clear of anyone with a SRM, I don't want to replace mine :P
9) Most importantly RELAX ! Chris Horner OWNED the spring races last year and when asked what his key to success was he simply stated " I just learned to relax this year, not to anticipate or be anxious or worry about what might happen, but just watch what does " <----- Good advice

Guys who take off the front with less then 8 riders with them in cat 3,4,5 races with more then 20 miles to go are smokn crack and 99.9 % will fail and use up most of thier energy due to the fact they can not: Have an economic paseline, pull to hard in paceline, dont know how to pace thmselves and more then 20 miles usually will get you caught by the field if its bigger then 40 riders.
Have a blast and say HOLA to me if you se me there aight foos.... good luck my fellow RBRs
re: Rock Hill and South Eastern Series + Thanks for race reportsflyinbowlofmilk
Mar 19, 2003 9:06 PM
I would Carbon 110,but this is my 2nd year racing. I don't know wheather I am really good at climbing ,especially mountain climbs. I was thinking of doing the Knoxville Ominum on march 29&30 ,but it's in the moutains of Tenn.So as a Cat 5 racer I don't know if I wil survive it. But the Patriot's trail Road race wil be my 1st of the season so I am going to see if I can finish with the main pack this year. I have been training all winter on the road getting some endurance miles in. As for me and Tenn. races it close to 12hr on bus,Ouch! But thanks for the advice,and I look forword to seeing you there. Just don't laugh to hard when you see me finishing next to last.


------------- F B M --------------CARBON110
Mar 20, 2003 6:51 AM
Well I don't think I would spend 12 hours on a bus for anything other then absolving my sins ( lol ) But the Knoxville race my sound hilly but its not at all. In fact its a very beautiful course and safe. In anycase, let me know if there is anything I can do for this year; like course descriptons on future races,places to stay, travel etc. I think you will have a blast at Rock Hill. They have a guy with a musket come out and shoot to start the race. Its where the movie "" Patriot "" was made. Isnt that name of it, I can't remmeber. Anyway, you'll dig it doooooode!