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Sky diving safer than racing Cat 5 ?(3 posts)

Sky diving safer than racing Cat 5 ?superdog
Mar 15, 2003 3:32 PM
I think sky diving is much safer than racing crits at the Cat 5 level. With four laps to go, some guy in the middle of the lead pack swervs left and then makes a hard right, crashing into several people. We were going straight and the road was paved with no debris. I came within an inch running over the guys helmet. I have no idea how I remained upright.

I've always remembered one poster's advice who said to always look up and watch what is coming up. Never look down or lose concentration on what is going on around you. I've always remembered this advice and it paid off today. Thanks whoever you are!
re: Sky diving safer than racing Cat 5 ?russw19
Mar 15, 2003 7:47 PM
It's said that is the hardest part of being a professional cyclist is being able to maintain concentration throughout a 5 plus hour race day after day after day. The speed they ride is amazing, but once you do it long enough, it's said it's not that bad, but you never quite get used to having to be on your toes every minute of every race with as long as they are in the saddle. One momen'ts lapse of concentration, like trying to get something from your rear pockets, and you don't see a crash in front of you. You hit it, go over the bars, and that's it.

Have you ever noticed the amount of crashes in the peloton that happen when nothing else is going on? Like Tyler Hamilton today? Going down for no reason. Usually a momentary lapse in concentration and you're down.

I have crashed about half a dozen times in races in 15 years... surprisingly good record if you ask me. One was a rider rolling a tubular in a downhill corner right in front of me. One was losing traction on a wet corner, which sent me sliding into the curb lower back first. One was getting hooked by another riders bars while he was reaching for a fresh bottle in a feed zone. One was a squirrel trying to jump thru my wheel on a training race. One I have no idea what happened because I was riding along and next thing I know I am near the bottom of a 20 rider pile up (I wasn't paying attention and from what I was told, the rider next to me swerved to miss a dropped waterbottle and took me and the rest of the field out.) and the last was having my cleat come out of my pedal in a sprint for a prime in a race. I managed to get my other foot unclipped and was sitting on my top tube and skating on my cleats until I ran out of road and hit the curb. I managed to jump off the bike just before I racked myself on the stem. Lucky me.

But I still am not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

re: Sky diving safer than racing Cat 5 ?Lactate Junkie
Mar 17, 2003 2:59 PM
It is quite possible that skydiving without a parachute is safer than racing Cat 5