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racing and cyclo-computerssuperdog
Mar 13, 2003 8:46 PM
For those of you who race, I have two questions concerning computers:

1) What functions do you use the most?

2) What is your top choice for a computer?
For racing? Literally?shirt
Mar 13, 2003 9:10 PM
The only time I've been glad I had my computer IN A RACE is when I've been off the front and want to stay there for a while. The speedo tells me if I'm doing it, and that combined with my PRE tells me if I can continue doing it.

I used cadence with a Vetta a couple years ago, but I don't feel I need it any more. I can pretty much tell within 2-3 revs what my rpms are now.

Regarding brand: The Cateye Enduro-2 is the best I've ever used, and I've gone through several different brands. It's designed for mountain bikes and has beefier wires than normal. I think they're under $30, too. I've had three for over a year (on different bikes), and they've stood up to dozens of rain rides and general abuse. Highly recommended.

For racing? Literally?russw19
Mar 13, 2003 9:55 PM
I like the Avocet computers. I curently use the 45TT, but I have been using their computers since the old Avocet 10's came out. The best thing about it is the wheel magnet. It is a ring magnet and is supposed to update 20 times per wheel revolution as oppossed to once with spoke mounted magnets. It's accurate and simple.

When racing I start the stopwatch at the start of a race and stop it as soon as I think about it at the end. During the race, I watch my speed and if I know how far a race is I may check the distance if I see a break develop to see if I think the distance is right to either cover it, or let it go. During the race itself, the computer is almost worthless if you ask me, there is too much going on in the race to worry about what your computer is telling you. It's in training that I use my computer, and even then all I really record is the ride distance and time, and how I felt in my journal from the computer. The rest of the data I get is from my HRM.

2nd the Cateyespeedisgood
Mar 16, 2003 7:39 PM
I've used the Mity 2 the last 7 years or so and it's always been good for me. I just upgraded to the Mity 3 and I like it even better than the 2 (nice, big numbers).

I agree with the other guys about comps during racing. I really only use it as a distance/lap counter (or timer, if it's a timed crit). Afterwards, it's interesting to see avg. and max speed but they're not absolutely needed.
re: racing and cyclo-computersspox
Mar 17, 2003 5:12 AM
In a road race I mostly just watch time to see and feel if I need to drink or eat. I have a Flight Deck.

In TT I use Echowell F2. There is some good functions in it, like clock/trip where you can program time/distance and it starts to count it to zero automatically as you take of. It then saves from this 'interval' top speed, avgspeed, avgrpm top rpm distance and time. It works well as I try to go TT mostly by the feel and not take a look down too much. But later then it's useful data.