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Crit Strategy for 8-10 man team(3 posts)

Crit Strategy for 8-10 man teamjbax
Mar 13, 2003 1:49 PM
New to the team thing and wud like some veteran's ideas on basic crit strategies on getting solid team results.

re: Crit Strategy for 8-10 man teambrider
Mar 13, 2003 2:23 PM
Several possibilities.

If you have a very good TT guy, you could send him up the road early and block the pack hard. If he's good enough, he'll stay away for quite a while and sweep up a lot of primes (I've done this many times). The other teams probably won't be too eager to chase some one down early, knowing he's going to tire himself out and be easy to catch in the closing laps. Fine, that's part of the strategy. Let them do the chasing near the end. While that's happening, form up your train of about 4-5 guys and motor through the last lap in a pace line (with your top sprinter in last position), peeling the guys off the front as they tire. Keep the gaps closed, and hopefully you're down to 2 coming around the last corner. Then it's drag race time.

Or, you can just wait 'til the end and do the same train-ride to the finish.

You can send guys up the road repeatedly, saving one good TT guy and your top sprinter ready to bridge up should a good looking break form. Just make sure the bridge attempt is all-out so you don't tow up the whole pack. The TT guy gets the sprinter close, then falls back to block.

Or if you REALLY want to have a good time, play Roller Ball on the course (this could also get your entire team DQ'd and have the USCF license pulled, so be judicious about use of physical stuff).

8-10 is a good sized team for a crit -- lots of room for sacrificial riders.
pull a Mapei on the pack..Spunout
Mar 14, 2003 5:03 AM
send a rider off on the first lap. He's the carrot. Other teams will burn chasing him, your team doesn't chase yet. If he lasts up to the last 3/4 of the race, use your own team to chase him down. After nuking your teammate, attack with your three strongest TT'ers in the last 20 km. One or two other riders will bridge up, but team-whip them by attacking until they're cooked.

Finish 1-2-3. Ace in the hole is the sprinter in the pack who has rested the entire race.