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pseudoephidrine - pfeh!(6 posts)

pseudoephidrine - pfeh!lonefrontranger
Mar 10, 2003 3:31 PM
Been dealing with a touch of chest cold that's been steadily improving since last week. I'm not coughing a lot, but have to take some OTC stuff (Robitussin) in order to sleep at night. I've been feeling energetic and training well otherwise, so I decided to jump into Sunday's training crit.

My basic question is: how the heck can they claim this stuff is performance enhancing? The Robitussin brand I'm taking has pseudoephedrine in it, which I believe is a no-no according to the USOC. Anyway, I raced on Sunday after a Saturday night dose and felt like a slug in a rug. Aside from the simple fact of being sick and the accompanying drowning-in-snot symptoms, the decongestant made me dehydrated and woozy. I've never felt worse in a race in my life, with double vision and ringing in my head. My calves cramped up in the final sprint, which almost never happens to me, and I could barely get my HR above 170; I think the max I saw was 172 and I normally TT in the range of 185-189.

Anyway, just one person's experiences on the darkside, for what it's worth. Coming up - a full race report, with pictures of my brand new 'nag!
you saying you cheated?DougSloan
Mar 10, 2003 4:04 PM
DOPER! -- Good thing you didn't win.

I'd bet that if you are feeling badly enough to take the stuff, it won't make any difference anyway.

Glad you survived.

tut tut tutLeGrimper
Mar 11, 2003 3:09 AM

Sounds like you were very ill and you suffered enough so no slap on the wrist from me. Should you have been racing?

The reason the stuff is banned is because IF you take enough of it when you are 100% well, combined with a few other OTC things and a couple of strong coffees then you have the basic ingredients of amphetamine and you will go fast, probably with an elevated HR.

Like anything you have to understand just how it works to get a result from it. A bit like strapping on a HR monitor and simply riding around, its not until you understand what the numbers mean and use them do you get a result.

Great anti-doping message though, cramps, double vision, sounds like a night out in Sydney!

eh, not that sicklonefrontranger
Mar 11, 2003 8:01 AM
Monday and Tuesday last week I definitely felt like I was at death's door. By Sunday I was merely suffering the aftereffects - congestion and a bit of a cough, but not actually *sick* feeling, besides the effects of taking the decongestant.

Yes, Doug - I am indeed a DOPER!! The way this chest cold bug has been running around Boulder, I think you'd find quite a few racers were on the bottle - the start line on Sunday sounded like a TB ward.

As LeGrimp pointed out, I just wanted to relate my experience for those who are in the same situation. Next time I will not race if I'm still taking the cough remedy - it's not worth feeling that awful just to do a training crit, eugh.
feeling better now?DougSloan
Mar 11, 2003 8:16 AM
Did the racing make you worse? If I go hard when sick, I almost always get worse.

Glad you survived.

Mar 11, 2003 9:09 AM
I'm pretty experienced with the wellness curve by now, so I was fairly certain I was safe on Sunday. Had I raced on Tuesday or Wednesday, I probably would have made things worse. This is the typical chest cold that lingers a bit. For me it seems once the worst of the congestion breaks up, a good hard workout is just the trick to blow it all out of the system. I felt great yesterday despite not being able to do a "true" recovery ride due to the damned wind, urgh.