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Spoke Ride - Denver - Let's be smarter next time(4 posts)

Spoke Ride - Denver - Let's be smarter next timeeurochien
Mar 10, 2003 3:07 PM
Also posted something on VeloNews interactive about this: Saturday March 8, we rode like jackasses. Going hard, single file is fine, but echeloning across the road into oncoming traffic in rolling terrain is one of the stupidest thing we could do. If we want to pretend it's a race, let's treat it as such and enforce our own centerline rule, it'll come in handy the day of the race. In crosswinds, that means start another echelon instead of toeing that yellow line or worse, getting on the other side with all the nasty consequences it involves. It's a basic survival skill.
Center lineBipedZed
Mar 11, 2003 5:53 AM
I totally agree and personally never crossed the center line. I think Saturday was a unique situation due to the strong crosswinds but I was amazed how many people were crossing into oncoming traffic to get in the echelon, my teammates included. I'll tell them before next week if you don't make the first echelon to start another, although I can see why people are reluctant - once the pace picks up going into Chatfield people are struggling just to hang on to the lead group instead of rotating through.

Course when you have Carter riding no helmet and attacking over the centerline it's not exactly setting the best example.
Center lineeurochien
Mar 11, 2003 7:17 AM
It's simple: when you're dying on someone's wheel at the tail end of the echelon, either in the gutter or the center line, you probably won't have it in the end to sprint and win the race. It makes more sense to me to let the lead group go and regroup 5 seconds behind it in an organized echeloned chase group. I agree also that the top dogs in that ride could show better judgment in how they ride...
See you soon
Center linetriple shot espresso
Mar 11, 2003 8:03 AM
I saw Mike Brown last night at the gym and told him about it. He was riding up front during the ride and didn't know how bad it was. I still don't understand why people would think it's ok to cross the line going up hill, or any other time for that matter. I guess another ride needs to be shut down by the authorities or somebody needs to be killed before people will learn.