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OK outofthesaddle & S-U-B. . . Race Reports!(6 posts)

OK outofthesaddle & S-U-B. . . Race Reports!allervite
Mar 10, 2003 2:26 PM
Sorry, but I missed the Senior Men's Cat 4 & 5 races. I finished near the front of the Master's race, a victim of being on the wrong train and not having enough form to make up for it. However, I rode near the front the whole race and had fun. Our field had 70 + racers so I'm happy.

There was a brutal crash in the pro 1 2 race, and I heard there was one in the senior 4's; but other than that, I did not see any of the normal early season Yard Sales.
re: OK outofthesaddle & S-U-B. . . Race Reports!S-U-B
Mar 10, 2003 8:42 PM
Hey, that's the first time someone has requested something from me on the board! I like it. I raced in the 4's. I was riding for a teammate but he has his finger up his rump and by the time we got organized there was only half a lap left and there was no way in hell we were getting through the pack. We ended up moving from mid pack up to around 20th but it was one big logjam. That's the first time I've been in an 80 man sprint! I was almost in that crash in the 4's right at the finish line. I had to swerve way left, lucky for me there was a gap and a way out, but bike parts and flesh were flying. I went for a couple prems, got 2nd on one and 3rd on the other, both times my leadout guys pooped out and left me hangin. Good race, but I think it was to easy a course for the weaker riders, no corners to wear their legs out. We did average 26.4 mph though, which is moving pretty good. I'm on the Delta Velo club. here is a picture of the crash, I'm the guy in the blue jersey and white helmet 2nd from the right side of pic, you can see me through the gap of the guys in front and you can see how I just swerved to avoid the pile, my bike has yellow tires on it. I look like the only guy making a left turn, hehe. The sacramento wheelmen have all the pics on their site in case you didn't know. Post a pic if you see yourself so I can take a look.

here is another picS-U-B
Mar 10, 2003 8:45 PM
here is another one of me, in the blue with white helmet cruising along.

re: OK outofthesaddle & S-U-B. . . Race Reports!outofthesaddle
Mar 11, 2003 9:05 AM
I rode the Senior 5. I had a frustrating finish. I felt good for the entire race. I rode in the pack (first 1/3 or so) for most of the race. I felt pretty strong coming around on the last lap but I made a huge blunder. I wasn't thinking far enough ahead and wasn't in position to move up on the outside and so I got boxed in at the finish. I started setting up waaay to late and had no line to move up. It was a squirrel circus for the last couple hundred yards. Guys were moving left and right with bikes and elbows banging. I didn't even have a chance to wind it up and finished in the saddle. I didn't get caught up in any crashes and learned a valuable lesson - so a pretty good day all the way around. I ended up finishing 18th.
Pic - need to look hard...outofthesaddle
Mar 11, 2003 9:40 AM
I found one - On the right side of this pic of the finish you can see a guy in a yellow helmet and next to him (to his right), a guy with a white helmet. Between them and back a few yards is me. I have a red and white jersey (you can see the shoulder) and a black helmet. I've got no where to go.
Pic - need to look hard...flyinbowlofmilk
Mar 11, 2003 8:35 PM
Nice pictures. I had my 1st training crit this past weekend in Va on the East coast. I had a to avoid crashing at the begining(that due to someone clipping in). Other than that I met a mean headwind on a section of the flat 0.6 mile course.I finish my training crit behind the main pack. Almost got boxed in coming into the 1st corner out the starting line, next time I go wide . All in allI rode a good race(training crit.) next time I will do better.