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What do you think of this?(2 posts)

What do you think of this?flyinbowlofmilk
Feb 23, 2003 8:37 PM
Hi I am going on my 2nd year as a Cat 5 road racer. And I was wondering if you could tell me if I am crazy or not? I am planning on doing a RR with some real good climbs,and I was wondering if doing a race this early in the year is ok. I have done 1 RR with some real good climbs in it last year. I finish the race behind the main pack ,but 4 to 5 position from last. And what advice can you give me,about doing another RR with some real good climbs? Is there anything I should get myself prepared to do? Thanks in advance for the advice. Oh I forgot to tell you that it going to be foothills of the mountains of Virgina(Jefferson Cup RR).


FBM(2nd yr Cat5)
Sure, go aheadhrv
Feb 24, 2003 12:28 PM
As long as it doesn't compromise your training schedule, go ahead and do it. You do have a training plan this season, right? If the race wears you out so much you can't do quality training, then don't go all out to the point of falling off your bike during the race, or skip it.

A big reason for doing the race is to gain race preparation experience. Like packing for the race, evening-before the race meal, morning of the race meal/time, getting to the race in time for a proper warm up, even proper number placement on the jersey. For me, it's a whole exercise in itself being able to arrive at the start line feeling like I had all of my 'ducks lined up' and taken care of. Also proper rest before the race and determining how much you need. It's all a learning experience gained only from doing it.

Yeah, go ahead and do it. If you're still in the base period then I wouldn't do too many but 1 or 2 shouldn't hurt.

good luck!