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Bike Computerslexington476
Feb 21, 2003 4:15 PM
What are some nice/good bike computers that have cadence, are durable, and will not break the bank? I am looking for three (3) one for my road bike (plan to do a bit of cat five racing with it [this is the one that would need cadence]), one for my new MTB (plan to do a good deal of MTB racing with it [this is the one that should be durable]), and one for my old MTB (plan to do some touring with it). I seem to have bad luck with computers; I have managed to have three break on me. Anyone use a wireless one, any good?
re: Bike Computerscdhbrad
Feb 25, 2003 11:35 AM
Look at Echowell,I think the model is W2,its not wireless, but works well. It has cadence, etc. and is only about $40. It has a feature I really like, at the end of the ride you can look at the data and it will show you your Max and Avg. cadence for the whole ride. It stores tire size for 2 bikes. Extra mount kits are only about $13, so one computer and 2 extra mount kits would set you up for all 3 bikes.