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Warm-Up routine pre-race?? Any suggestions?(4 posts)

Warm-Up routine pre-race?? Any suggestions?ATLien
Feb 20, 2003 1:21 PM
This being my first year racing Cat 5 I'm wondering what everyone's pre-race warm-up routine is? Along with that, is there a typical gear that I should be starting with so I don't get dropped off the line?
How long is the race and how old are you?shirt
Feb 20, 2003 1:43 PM
First, age seems to have something to do with effective warm up times. When I was in my early 20s, I could get completely warmed up in 20-30 minutes. Now, in my late 30s, it takes 45 minutes to an hour.

The shorter the race, the longer your warmup should be. Unless you're doing a higher Cat RR where you know there will be attacks right off the line (probably not an issue with Cat-5 RRs.)

If you're in your 20s and you're doing a typical Cat-5 crit (less than an hour), I would sit on your trainer in your absolute lowest gear for 5-8 minutes before clicking up a gear. I like to get the joints completely warmed up before I even look at my HR. Then over about ten minutes I'd bring my HR into the neighborhood of 140 and keep it there for several minutes (this is a total of about 20 minutes from when you first get on the trainer.) I then hop off the trainer and do my stretches. Then put your race wheels on, get on your bike and go find some road where you can gradually get back into that 140 zone for a few minutes.

Finally, I find a stretch of road where I can do 6-8 build-ups: start easy and gradually accelerate until you're at a PRE that I call "half sprint." Each build-up should be faster than the one before, with your final one being "7/8 sprint." I recover for about a minute between each one. If this sounds like intervals, you're spending too much effort on the accelerations.

Then go back to your car, put on your sweats and wait for your race to get called.

This is my routine and I'm sure it flies in the face of all conventional wisdom, offends the readers of this board, and contributes to the general malaise of western society. Good luck anyway. :-)

27yrs old and a only a 21 miler (3laps on a 7mi course).......ATLien
Feb 20, 2003 2:09 PM
Thanks for the info, shirt. I was planning on something similar to that, but wanted someone to help ease my mind and confirm my suspicions. I assume someone will always try to jump right off the line since it's a Cat 5 race and it begins with a climb, so I just wanted to be ready to try and hang with the pack and see what it brings.
27yrs old and a only a 21 miler (3laps on a 7mi course).......jayw
Feb 21, 2003 9:43 AM
It sounds like you are doing the Donaldson Road Race in Greenville. I did it a couple of years ago and the pace this time of year is not that bad so don't get nervous. There are a couple of small hills in the beginning after that the only thing you have to watch out for is the rail road tracks. Personally I would do enough to break a sweat the pace is not really that high this time of year. The course is flat at the end and will most likely be a bunch sprint be careful because there will most likely be a crash at the end.