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Womens Elite Racing Question for LFR(4 posts)

Womens Elite Racing Question for LFRSoggy
Feb 16, 2003 9:40 PM

Just wondering if you could give me an overview of elite womens cycling in the US. The US womens team is currently in Australia for the first round of the UCI World Cup and the US team raced a local race here in NSW.

Is the Mobile Telecom the Pro female riders? Or just the Amateur riders yet to go pro? And why are you not here??????

Details below:

Do you recognise any of these names?
Mari Holden
Kimberly Bruckner
Kristin Armstrong

Any insight would be appreciated.

Feb 17, 2003 11:20 AM
I'm not there because I am a lowly Cat 3 and can barely get out of my own way. Shooting for a Cat 2 upgrade this year, but even were I able to qualify for Cat 1, I would still be crushed in those ranks of competition. I was a Cat 4 for many years due to lack of fitness and motivation, and will be 35 soon, so I am technically in the twilight of my career.

In U.S. racing the elite women's designation is quite fuzzy as there is no true "pro" women's roadie designation, only Cat 1 ("elite", or highest ranked amateur). Within this designation, there are many orders of magnitude of women who qualify as Cat 1. There are your local / regional women Cat 1s who qualify for the upgrade but still have a home life and must work to support their racing, there are NCS race series Cat 1s who work part time and race full time, and then there are international level stars like the top girls on Saturn, Rona and T-Mobile whose careers are dedicated to racing. These girls would qualify as pros if that designation existed. Even in the men's ranks, a Division III pro guy on a team such as Schroeder Iron (U.S. NCS series criterium team) can't be compared to a Division I pro like Cipo, Heras or Ullrich, so even there the upper ranking has multiple orders of magnitude.

T-Mobile is a recently formed team that poached several of the top ranking Saturn girls, and they would all be considered the elite eschelon of Cat 1s, i.e. "pros" in every sense except the literal. Kim Bruckner is one of them. Mari Holden raced for Rona (Genevieve Jeanson's elite team) for several years, and was World Champ time trialist in 2000.

I have no idea who Kristen Armstrong is save that she appeared suddenly in the upper results rankings within the past 18 months, and is no relation to Lance or his wife (of the same name).
Thanks LFRLeGrimper
Feb 17, 2003 12:54 PM

Thanks for taking the time to fill me in.

The reason I asked was my girlfriend was in that race and placed in the top ten, I kid you not she has been only riding for 12 months on a road bike and has no riding history other than occassional social mountain biking. I cant really believe she is cutting it at this level.

We are feeling our way into all this. The time and effort to attend all the races and do all the training is a difficult thing but it is happening slowly.

I appreciate you taking the time to give me an overview as sometimes I wonder what we have strayed into. Hell I thought it was cool that she could simply ride with us guys but of late he is starting to put the hurt on us!

Thanks again

Results, 106km
1 Alison Wright 3.06.34
2 Amy Safe
3 Oenone Wood
4 Kimberly Bruckner
5 Margaret Hemsley 3.10
6 Emily Williams 3.34
7 Olivia Gollan
8 Emma James
9 Zoe Southwell 3.53
10 Jessica Ridder 9.24
11 Christine Riakos 10.06
12 Mari Holden
13 Natalie Bates
14 Jennifer Manefield
15 Mary Grigson
16 Kim Anderson
17 Janine Ridsdale 10.44
18 Kristin Armstrong 15.55
19 Alexis Rhodes
20 Natasha Harrigan 18.34
21 Cilla Ballard
22 Rochelle Gilmore
23 Stacey Peters
24 Linda Capello 25.52
25 Kate Nichols 26.00
26 Tracey Angove 26.15
27 Terry Moore 27.00
28 Madeline Linberg 29.40
29 Sarah White 30.11
30 Cassandra Carey 30.19
31 Liz Hickey 33.50
32 Nishi Kanako 36.15
33 Leonie Aisnett 36.26
34 Jess Maclean
35 Bronwyn Wiseman
36 Cath Toet
37 Cornelia Cyrus 44.30

[41 starters 37 finishers]
which one of the top 10? Jessica or Zoe? great result !! nmclimbo
Feb 18, 2003 10:43 AM