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Average Speeds?(5 posts)

Average Speeds?ebroil
Feb 14, 2003 11:06 PM
Can anyone give me an idea as to average speeds in a Cat 5 race? Or, links to race results with distances and times? I'm trying to determine what a "good" time would be before I get into racing so I know where I stand.
Just a thoughtmicha
Feb 15, 2003 5:47 AM
When the starter says "go" at the beginning of a mass-start race, you become part of a very closely-knit group. A strong desire and the ability to stay with that group for at least part of the race is what you need.

You average speed riding alone is not a good indicator of potential racing success, unless you're talking about time trials.

I'm sure there will be good posts addressing the details.
I'll get this oneshirt
Feb 15, 2003 8:11 AM
Average speeds are meaningless unless you do out-and-back time trials with no wind.

If you're looking at your computer's average speed after a workout and wondering if it equates to the ability to hang on a Cat-5 race, wondering is all you should be doing. If you want to gauge your fitness before doing a race, go ride with a race club that has a sizeable portion of 4/5 racers.

An even better solution (in my 'throw the kid in the pool' way) would be to pre-enter for 2-3 races and just go do them. You can't do anything wrong or stupid in a Cat-5 race, since that's what they're for. You may even end up winning it.

Good luck!

I'll get this oneInTheMiddle
Feb 15, 2003 9:12 AM
Yes... there is no way you can tell based on your average ride speed how you would do in a race... each race is different... an all flat 50 minute cat5 crit around here can vary from an average of 23-25mph .... but even within that average the race can feel a lot different... depending on the amount of accordian effect that is going on and where you ride in the pack.

a 45 mile road race with about 2000+ feet of climbing averaged i think about 22mph or something.. but again...

As far as can't do anything wrong in a cat5.. I have to disagree.. when you are riding in a pack with 50 other riders at 20+ mph there are plenty of things you can do wrong....

Please be sure you are very comfortable on your bike... and comfortable if someone happens to bump elbows or shoulders with you....

Do not overeact to anything.. most crashes are caused by unexpected or overly large sideways movement...

In a turn .. HOLD YOUR LINE... if there are 3 people inside of you going into the turn you must leave space for 3 people.... likewise... do not drift wide out of the turn either... if there are 3 outside... you have to make sure that there is room for all 3 of them througout the turn...

don't be afraid to talk to other people while racing.. make sure they know you are there...

DO protect your front wheel... don't overlap your front with someone's back.. if you do and they move sideways...bad stuff happens....(and takes out people behind you as well...)

DO have fun.... it's a fun time as long as you are careful... don't worry about winning for your first few races... just go.. ride.. and learn..... get used to the feeling... see how each race is different... pay attention to what happens when you are at the front, near the front, or at the back....

I don't mean to freak you out.. but it is important to know that stuff for YOUR AND EVERYONE ELSE'S SAFTEY
re: Average Speeds?DeadGame
Feb 17, 2003 4:53 PM
Crits are all about surges.

Cat 5 avg speed on a flat course typically 22 - 23 mph.

But it will seem that everytime you look down at your speed it will be 25-27

Crits are a gut check for sure..