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doing crits on mixed tires(4 posts)

doing crits on mixed tiresBenR
Feb 14, 2003 8:26 AM
I'm looking to use one set of wheels for hilly road races and crits. I'm thinking about using a Conti supersonic front to minimize weight and a more puncture resistant michelin pro-race on the rear. They are both sticky, smooth-tread tires but made from different manufacturers. Any thoughts on this combo? I'm looking to have low rotational mass, balanced levels of traction on front and rear, and don't want to flat out every race.
I do it but ...McAndrus
Feb 14, 2003 9:01 AM
You may want to use something other than the Supersonic on the front. Those tires are very light and very flat prone. I use Hutchinson Air Lights (180g) on the front and Michelin Pro Race (220g) on the back for the reasons you state.

As long as I use the Air Lights only on the front, they wear very well but they do poorly on the back.
re: doing crits on mixed tiresjw25
Feb 14, 2003 2:19 PM
Yeah, I'd have to steer you away from the Supersonic too. I had a pair, rode them a few times (1 TT, 2 crits) and while I never flatted, and they stuck just fine in the corners, they collected cuts like nothing else. Since the tread is so thin, most of the cuts were down to/into the casing, which makes me nervous, so I scrapped them for something more durable - GP3000's. Heavier, yes, but just as sticky, and far fewer cuts, none to the casing.
In your case, I'd go with a Pro Race front and rear - they're not that heavy, and should shrug off debris fairly well. A tight crit isn't someplace I want a front flat. Maybe run the Pro Loghts if you want to drop some weight - I haven't ridden the Pro's yet, so I can't comment on cut resistance, but I've got m,iles on Axial Pro's with no cuts, and the Pros are supposed to be better.
I've also got miles on Vittoria Tecno Pros, and they seem to be a sleeper. I love Open Corsas, but they attract sharp objects like a magnet. The Tecnos ride a little harsher, since they're true 23's, but they stick great, and last and last. I'm hoping to get some of the new Open Corsa EVO's, and if they shrug off damage like they're supposed to, I'll be critting on those.
thanks for suggestions (nm)BenR
Feb 15, 2003 9:49 PM