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Hey LFR...(2 posts)

Hey LFR...No_sprint
Feb 10, 2003 10:50 AM
Your boy JV was at the Good Ol Days race in Los Olivos, CA. He was in a 3 up break toward the end, don't know who won it yet. The St. Val. Day Massacre was full bore with more pre-reg. than ever before. I believe the 30+ 3/4 had 90. In my race I clocked a 31 mph avg. through 6 laps... cookin'! Not too shabby for a low cat. old guy! When you all gonna come racin' SoCal for a vacation? Nice and sunny near 80 in the afternoon at the Massacre.
wish I couldlonefrontranger
Feb 12, 2003 1:59 PM
I was just talking to my SO about taking a vacation day just to go down to CO springs and ride around all day.

re: racing in SoCal - I would get my ass so kicked out there. Not that I don't get it kicked here...

re: JV - it's good to see him doing well. He needs to enjoy himself because he sure does love racing.

31 average, holy cow. Sounds like you guys are flying. It's 6 weeks until our race season starts. Unless I want to go get sunburned, full of cactus spines and my legs ripped off down in AZ (early season training camp pros all race there).