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First Race of the Year Yesterday! First Crash Ever!!(2 posts)

First Race of the Year Yesterday! First Crash Ever!!853
Feb 10, 2003 10:29 AM
Well yesterday was the first race of the year for me,the day started out great - sunny,clear skies,and mild temperatures. Alot of people come out to do this race, I think it's the first crit of the year for us here in so-cal.
It's called St.Valentine's Day Massacre, that name should have warned me from the get go.

This year was revenge for me. Last year this was my first race ever and I got dropped with three laps to go. This time around this would be my 5th Crit since I mainly concentrated on MTB racing last year. Well my goal was just to be able to finish this race. Well to my surprise I was doing better than I expected, always close to the front within the first 6 riders and never hurting, it was an awesome feeling to be one of the stronger guys(there were many but I was finaly one of them). Well I kept reminding myself of all the advise that everybody has given on this site - If your not moving forward your moving back -stay near the front- And few laps into the race there was a crash behind us, we all heard the loud sound of the crash and people were begining to slow down out of nerves, When I remembered - keep on going- and I yelled it out, people listened and we made it thru that.

The announcer said 3 laps to go and things were geting scary,people were having a hard time holding there lines, When on one of those turns
the guy inside of me could not hold his line and slammed into me, we were staying upright for a while with his whole weight on me when he realized he was going down and pushed of of me with his hand on my shoulder. That was it, all I remember was heading into the curb without a bike. I slammed into the edge of the curb with the side of my body. Damn, that was painfull I rolled around tring to get my wind back and feeling like I had broken my ribs or my hip.
Fourtunately nothing broken just my whole side bruised and rashed, my shoulder also sore like I sprained it, hurts to lift my arm above my head.
Two other guys fell behind me they did alot better than me just minor scrapes.

My bike survived with an out of whack rear wheel, broken spoke front wheel, new red slr shredded, new Dura-Ace scrapped up. And my Cadd5 survived without any dings. Everybody warned me about racing with that bike,but I sold my beater bike, I guess I can call this an expensive beater bike now.

Good luck to everybody out there, This hasn't put me off on racing, knowing I was definettly in contention makes me want to go out and do it again, next one is in two weeks.
Glad you survivedNo_sprint
Feb 10, 2003 10:56 AM
It was a crash fest yesterday, thus the namesake. I saw at least three. I'm off for a month then will likely do the two LA circuits and Irwindale in March. Then it's the biggies, Redlands, La Mirada, etc. in April. Peak time.