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Atlanta Cyclist Hit??(2 posts)

Atlanta Cyclist Hit??Sadlebred
Feb 7, 2003 5:24 AM
Does anyone have more info. on this accident? Reed, I believe, is from the Atlanta area. I was hoping someone up in SC might be able to provide more details on it.

From racer Reed Watson sustained a broken wrist in a February 5 crash. Watson was training in Six Mile South Carolina with mountain bike racer Chris Eatough and friend Thad Dulin when Dulin and Watson were struck by a pickup truck.

Dulin told Cyclingnews, "Reed suffered a broken wrist, a gash in his chin, and some banged up legs. Eatough did not go down, but Reed and myself both smacked the pavement. Somehow I got away with only a bruise to my left knee, not serious enough for attention. This all happened just before [Reed] got to show his new team what he was made of."

Everyone at Cyclingnews wishes Reed a speedy recovery.
oh my God!Woof the dog
Feb 8, 2003 3:57 PM
Its the end of the world.

Speedy recovery wishes out to him

Woof the dog.