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Need recommendation for interval.....(2 posts)

Need recommendation for interval.....scary slow
Jan 30, 2003 10:30 AM
Need recommendation for interval workout to help build leg speed. I am one of those gear mashers who plods along at 70-80 rpm. I can produce pretty good power output however it takes me a while to wind it up. I would like to increase leg speed to help accelerate up to speed, especially in the final meters of a race.
Spin upsBipedZed
Jan 30, 2003 1:19 PM
These drills emphasize pedalling efficiency and should be done in the small chainring with a low HR. You are practicing leg speed not fitness.

These are essentially Friel speed drills:

Drill 1: Slowly spin-up too max rpm over 30 seconds. When you begin to bounce back off and hold for the duration of the interval. (I shoot for a smooth 140rpm, but I'm fairly efficient). Recover for a few minutes and repeat 6-8 times.

Drill 2: 10s high rpm, 10 secs higher, 10sec all out. Recover for 60secs. Repeat 3 times. Then do dominant leg pedaling (80-90rpm). 30sec left leg then 30secs right leg. Don't unclip the other leg but really emphasize pushing down and pulling up through the entire pedal stroke. Do the dominant leg drill 3 times. Then repeat the entire set 4-5 times:

3x (10s,10s,10s) - 3x (30s left, 30s right)