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Racing Season Maintenance?(2 posts)

Racing Season Maintenance?skip work to ride
Jan 16, 2003 4:27 PM
What guide do you use for maintaining your ride during the racing season: cables, cassettes, chains, hubs (repack), cleats, and other mechanical part?

2-3 months; 200 hours, 300 miles any thoughts?
General guidelinesKerry
Jan 16, 2003 5:55 PM
Chain/drive train should be cleaned & lubed every 300 or so miles, if you use a good lube like ProLink. When you think of "maintaining" your cables, cassettes, and cleats, what do you mean? Unless you get caught in the rain a lot or sweat on your cables, they may only need lube once or twice per season. Some people repack the hubs and cassettes every year, some never do (those who "upgrade" every couple of years). Many hubs these days are cartridge bearings, so there's nothing to repack. Cleat maintenance is normally some external dry lube and check for screw tightness. If you ride substantial miles, I would recommend a complete annual overhaul, which means taking everything apart that comes apart and cleaning/lubing. Few people do this but it gives long component life and good performance.