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need a little help getting startedkhockey19
Jan 4, 2003 8:08 PM
Hey everyone, i'm 17 and i've got a few questions hopefully some of you guys can help me out with here.
I've been into cycling since easily the first grade and last year i finally saved up enough to get myself a Giant TCR 0 and i absolutely love it, i spent the whole summer and spring riding. I only was able to do one Time Trial however on two weeks training which i placed 2nd, and i was disapointed by it. But anyways, I was very bored by the middle to end of the summer with just daily rides and the two longer rides i could do on West River Drive (4 mile highway along the rivier in Philadelphia that the City closes off for recreational perposes) if anyone is familiar. i got to the point where i had to ride by myself for the most part b/c my dad is getting close to 50 and can no longer keep up. I would like to know from any of you who have been into cycling at my age and can give me any advice on what i can do as far as getting into the sport more, I know i can go out and ride with some local clubs, but how do I go about getting on an organized team? or at least finding races, i had the hardest time findind any. Only found about one or two which were easily an hour away so i didn't bother.

Thanks for your help and if anyone from the Philadelphia area reads this i'd love your input b/c hopefully you might know some places i'd be able to check out and get started.
re: need a little help getting startedbugleboy
Jan 5, 2003 10:06 PM
Go to your LBS and talk to the guys there. From the standpoint of our team we would love to have someone like you. Junior development is very important. There are even camps that you can go to. A friend of mine attended a few. Hopefully someone will take you under their wing. Good luck!
Things may be different in your area...brider
Jan 6, 2003 11:43 AM
but if an hour drive to get to a race is too long, you might want to find another sport.

In the Northwest, it's not uncommon to trek from Seattle to Portland (2+ hour drive each way) for a weekend race, or to Tri-Cities (3+ hours). It helps to be with a team, as they can carpool/caravan to race venues.

But to "get into the sport", a team will help you develop and open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. By riding with those better than you, you will develop much more quickly.

Also, check for some info related to your area.
The Mid Atlantic RegionManicmtbr
Jan 6, 2003 1:12 PM
is a hotbed of cycling activity. Start looking for events at, and An hour to a race is a pleasant drive, but there is a lot more around if you want to travel to DE, NJ, and MD. Heck, I am coming from DE and would drive 3 hours each way to do a 45 minute crit! I never really stopped to think about it, but it does seem a little silly for someone who is not immersed in the culture yet. (and you will be soon!)

Just off the top of my head, there are usually crits in Trexlertown every weekend in March, May usually has a large road race in Philly (Blue Bell?), Hellertown Crit, and there are many more options if you have a way to get to the races. Joining a club in your area would help you in getting to the races. In DE, we have 3 teams that race road events. You could check my USCF club out at The other two clubs are Team Delaware (not sure if they are still a team) and Wilmington Velocity. A 4th team with some road riders is Wooden Wheels, but they are a MTB team first.

I am sure there are many clubs and teams closer to you. Quaker Valley Wheelman as a club, shop teams are Beans, and Cycledrome to name two, but I know there are a lot more. Sounds like you have an impressive record so far, keep it up and add a few more top 5 finishes to your resume.

As far as the schedules, not many are posted for 2003 yet, but they are coming soon.

Take Care
re: need a little help getting startedkhockey19
Jan 6, 2003 2:59 PM
Thanks for you that have replied so far, yes i realize most of the races/events will be an hour or more away. Luckily now tho i have my own car and can travel to these things. For the person who pasted last, yea i'm familiar with those races ya mentioned, the Bluebell is in June in Bluebell PA, and i also did it but as far as all the information i could get together was that it was on the Day I did the Time Trial so i had to pick one or the other. That whole weekend is crazy for Cycling around philly since the First Union Pro Championship roles through on the 3rd day of the little tour they do across the region... Lancaster, Trenton i think, and then Philly being the big race.
The only thing that kinda confuses me is like the whole ranking thing and stories of people boosting up a CAT or 2 in a single season! i mean i had a hard enough time finding 3 or 4 races the whole spring/summer let along, what ten just to move to 4 from 5? haha so i have to be missing out on something here.

but once again thanks for all your help and i'll go to my bikeshop tomorrow and see what i can find.