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Computrainer test - Another Wattage ques.(3 posts)

Computrainer test - Another Wattage ques.DeadGame
Dec 31, 2002 9:06 AM
Fellow sprocket heads,

Recently I was lucky enough to gain access to a Computrainer. Among other things I did a test(The Test Name escapes me)by starting out @90watts and increasing wattage by 20watts per min and maintaing > 18 mph. I eventually peaked at 350watts HR182. I am unable to find any metrics for different levels of ability. Has anyone ever completed this test or have an idea of where I am etc...

I also did a spin analysis and found my pedaling mechanics to be somewhat lacking. I have read conflicting articles about the importance of pedaling efficiency. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your insight
Some 1980 Euro Metrics, for what they're worth.micha
Dec 31, 2002 1:08 PM
From my 1979 European training bible:

A steady 40 kmh requires a steady output of 310 watt.

1000 Watt (or 1 Kilowatt) will get you up to 67 kmh - sprint.

An untrained, healthy, non-rider, average 20-year old male can put out 200 Watt for about 2 minutes.

50 kmh average time trial speed reqires a steady 500 Watt output.

All these values are for level terrain. Hills change the numbers dramatically.
Dec 31, 2002 4:21 PM
The spinscan shows a calculation of average torque over peak torque, times 100. Higher numbers mean the torque is more evenly spread around the crank circle.

A higher spinscan number means that more muscles are involved in making the same power, therefore stressing particular groups of muscles relatively less, which helps efficiency.

That's what is says in the CT manual.