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question about the crits YOU ride in(4 posts)

question about the crits YOU ride insuperdog
Dec 19, 2002 8:31 PM
1) what cat are you?
2) what distance is one lap?
3) how many laps in the race?
Dec 19, 2002 9:07 PM
1) Cat 3 woman.

2) depends. Usually anywhere from 1K to 1.5 mile, after that it's usually considered a circuit race rather than a crit.

3) also depends. Crits are run on time, not distance. The 1/2/3 women's races are usually 1 hour, so # of laps will then = the field's average speed * course distance. Lapped riders (assuming they are not pulled) finish on the same lap as the leaders.

For ideas on length of race per category: Cat 5s and Cat 4 women are usually 20-30 minutes. Cat 4 men and sometimes a 3/4 women's race is generally 45 minutes. Cat 3 men and Open or elite women usually run 60 minutes. Pro/1/2 men are often 75-90 minutes. Category combinations may vary, but these times are fairly typical.

Almost all crits will have a designation of "time + laps". The + laps means the clock is ridden down to a point at which the official puts out lap cards (laps to go). This signals pit closure (end of free laps). The added laps are usually 3 to 5 depending on course length, time remaining & official's discretion.
re: question about the crits YOU ride inNo_sprint
Dec 20, 2002 9:33 AM
Crits around the West are typically .6 to .9 per lap with 4 turns. Circuit races are typically around 2/3 miles per lap with 2 turns. Men 4/5 typically run for 40/45 mins. 3s for about 50/60 mins. Women 3/4 around 40 mins. and 1/2 around 50 mins. Pro/1/2 men typically around 90 mins. The number of laps depends largely upon the makeup of the course. Men 4/5 here average around 25/27+/- mph for 40/45 mins.
In Massachusetts53T
Dec 22, 2002 12:08 PM
I'm a 5.

One lap is from 1K to 1.5 miles, although there is only one race up here that is 1.5miles, the brand new COX charities crit at the University of Rhode Island campus. It also has hill primes on the back side of the course, but it's still a crit. BTW, our crits run on distance, with a few exceptions. 12 miles up to 15 miles for CAT5.

Laps? about 15.