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AZ Racing and Periodization Trainingkinger
Dec 19, 2002 6:23 AM
I'm curious to hear where you fellow Arizona racers are in your training plans. For most folks out there the season doesn't start until spring/summer but here in Arizona the first race (road) is the beginning of February. So, for those of you who follow a periodization training method where are you in your training? Still working on base but getting ready to move into build period in January maybe?
re: AZ Racing and Periodization TrainingSpunout
Dec 19, 2002 8:02 AM
You must prioritize your races. Then, build your season around your A races. February races would count as C races, for training in your build period.

BUT, you could have two A peaks, but take a break and re-build between them.
re: AZ Racing and Periodization Trainingdesert-rider
Dec 19, 2002 8:04 AM
Yeah, I'm still working on base miles....have not gotten out as much as I'd like, too many hours at work. Build period will start soon, especially since the mnt bike series starts up soon...

Question for you Kinger (or anyone else in AZ) you race for a team here? I've been racing mnt bikes for a few years, but am planning on trying road racing this year. Any suggestions for teams that would be good for a new Cat 5 to check out? Also, any suggestions for a good first race?
AZ Racescholla
Dec 23, 2002 8:49 PM
I think the first RR on the calendar ( is Usery Pass, which is very hilly, and I haven't done it. If you're a climber, maybe that would be a good one to try....

Otherwise, I'd recommend you sign up for the Valley of the Sun Stage Race (Feb 14-16). Friday TT (20k); Sat RR; Sun Crit. My first year as a 5, I did the TT and the RR but not the crit, as I didn't think my bike-handling skills were ready for a crit. Since then, I've done that crit., and the course isn't too bad. The TT will have a long gradual climb; the RR will be 3 17-mile loops with one decent 1/2 mile climb on each loop. A very fun race, and lots of the domestic pro teams will probably show up.

Tucson Bicycle Classic is similar to VOS - a 3-day stage race with a TT, RR, and circuit race. Mid-March. Also, Pecos Road Race is a fairly straightforward race, and was my first, though then it was 3 long loops, and the next year it was 8 shorter loops, but all included the short steep climb up Chandler Blvd. deep in Ahwatukee. This year's course and your ability or desire to climb might effect whether you should do this race as your first. Good Luck - if you haven't already, get out on some of the group rides.
Dec 27, 2002 4:46 PM
for the info. I was thinking about VOS race, but turns out it's the same weekend as the 24 Hour mnt bike race in Tucson, and I'd already committed to that...

Guess I should have given a little more info. I've been racing mnt bikes, on and off, for about 6 years, and have been putting about 3000-4000 miles/yr on the road bike, mainly as training for mnt. bike. New road bike this summer, and I decided to give road racing a try next year. I've been on the BOS and ProCon group rides this fall, and feel pretty comfortable in the pack, and can usually hang with the main group. I'm 6', and 185lb, so climbing definitly takes some work, but I enjoy it (in a masochistic sort of way). I guess the Tour de Tucson could be considered my first road race. The large packs didn't concern me too much, and I finished in 5:35...

Anyway, thanks again for the info...maybe I'll meet you in a group ride....I'll be the only one with a Camelback (some things from mnt biking I can't give up.... :)