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Racing Questions?flyinbowlofmilk
Dec 15, 2002 7:43 PM
Hello . I have found out that I have to get my raod bike overhauled. They told me because I have put alot of mileage on my road bike that I need to get it done. The time frame is after the New Year'03. What should I do while it being overhauled,as far as training concerns?. My next question is a new Cat5 question. I was doing my usual LBS ride today,when a Cat4 racer told me to spin up and spin down when we got to hills. He said that it will help my cadence and help me to recover. How do you know when to spin up and Spin down? And what advantage does it give me as far a cadence and overall speed? So to make a long story short I tried it and it worked for me just fine. But I still don't have it down very good. My next question is as follow. How and when should you drink while you in a group during a ride?
re: Racing Questions?Chud
Dec 15, 2002 9:01 PM
Hey FBM,
Good timing for the overhaul. This time of year, some time away from the bike will make you mentally ready to hit it in earnest for the rest of the season. If you have access to a gym, goof around in a pool, run on treadmills or just go lift weights. Since you're just starting out, you don't have to be super serious.
Q#2: When you are able to maintain a high cadence in training on hills, you'll be able to respond to accelerations on hills and on the flats during races. Bigger gears and slower cadences equal a slower reaction and more fatigue. Also, the spinning you do leaves the legs fresh for more effort.
Q#3: You should sip about every 10-15 minutes. This way you never have to gulp, lose your breath, and slow down. As far as in a group situation, get in the habit of drinking while positioned behind others. If you drink while on the front, you could bobble and slow up the group. Also, this happens to be a good time to attack somebody, when they reach for that bottle while on the front. Be sure to be steady and smooth when you reach, and replace your bottle. Don't coast!
Hope I've passed some knowledge.
Wind to your back,