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how do I add intensity?(4 posts)

how do I add intensity?weiwentg
Dec 13, 2002 2:23 PM
first race in end of February. supposed to have a training camp after that with the University team. I intend to add intensity at the beginning of February. I know that's not optimal, but it's the best I can do.
so, what do I do, exactly?
re: how do I add intensity?MR_GRUMPY
Dec 13, 2002 7:18 PM
Why wait? Jump on a trainer with it set to approximate a true road feel. Warm up for 20 minutes, then ride a 39x16 @ 110 RPM for 5K. Your H.R. should get up there pretty good. Spin easy for 5 minutes, then do it again. You might have problems holding 110 RPM, so try to hold 105. Rest 5 more minutes, and do it again, trying to hold 100 RPM. If that's not intense enough for you, go up a gear, but don't slow the rev's.
Important: Go real easy on the easy days......TFerguson
Dec 15, 2002 9:44 AM
If you don't have the recovery, you will not be able to do the intensity.
Dec 14, 2002 1:47 PM
Sprint intervals (one minute on, one minute off, max intensity), intervals (3 minutes on, 3 off, above TT intensity), speed work (10-15 minutes on, 10 off, TT intensity). Repeats of 4 to 6X depending on your conditioning.