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Motor PacingLeGrimper
Dec 11, 2002 11:10 AM
What are the advantages of motor pacing over say, doing hi-cadence/high HR drills on the trainer?

I ask as it has been suggested that this would be a good work out for TT prep in the future however I wonder once you factor in a driver and all the frigging around whether the same can be achieved with less fuss.

What are the physiological benefits?

The 'fun' factor is a big one born out by the few times I have drafted cars and motorbikes.

Experiences appreciated.

re: Motor PacingLactate Junkie
Dec 11, 2002 12:18 PM
Motor pacing teaches you how to deal with high speeds. There is no way you can simulate sprinting around the motor going 35+ on a trainer. Also you are able to get race level intensity and speeds without a pack, again this is also difficult to do on a trainer. In theory, you can probably workout almost as hard on a trainer, but there are other aspects to riding than just going hard that a trainer cannot supply.

One caution, it is best not to use a car for motorpacing. Try to find a small motorcycle. The reasons for this are mostly safety related but you also get too much draft off of a car so it is too easy most of the time. There are ways to compensate for this but just using a motorcycle or scooter is better.
Yes, yes and yesbrider
Dec 11, 2002 1:17 PM
These are all true, but for TT training, the only real benefit is the first one -- getting accustomed to high speeds. You need to be able to relax on the TT set-up at speed, something that you may be reluctant to do on race day if you haven't exceeded it in training. Knowing exactly what your bike will do at speed is very confidence inspiring.

Also, ditto the derny (scooter or small motor cycle) idea. If you do this, however, you might consider installing a rollr on the back of the derny. If you bump your front wheel into the cycle without one, you're going down. At speed. With a roller, your front tire can hit it and keep going. At least do a cover so you don't have opposing tire directions involved (like the traditional style derny, which is basically a motorized bicycle).
re: Motor PacingSherpa23
Dec 11, 2002 2:43 PM
What motorpacing allows you to do is ride at race speeds for extended periods without a pack. You have to ride the gears, you have to ride the speeds.

For track, I motorpace for 1 hour, doing 53 km for the hour. The driver will vary speeds and I will lap the motor several times, as well as sprint on the designated laps. And it's just me and the driver. I get all the hardness of a world class points race without having the guys with me. That's convenience.

For the road, I will do 2 hours, usually in the middle of a ride, and I will either use 2 cogs too small so that my rpm is in the 130 rpm range or use 2 cogs too big, so that I can develop some strength endurance.

Motorpacing should always be hard, and you should be trying to get as close as possible. I don't believe in the roller on the back. I recently bought a Honda Passport 70 Scooter and it has a fender on the back of it. I have motorpaced 5 times with it to get ready for a major track championship I had last week. It was flawless when I got it but after 5 motor sessions, there is a 1 cm band across the width of the fender where I have worn off the paint from rubbing against it so much. That's how hard motorpacing should be.