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Is anyone following Lance's model of no off season?(4 posts)

Is anyone following Lance's model of no off season?Jimena
Dec 2, 2002 11:11 AM

This was posted about a month ago, it's cool Lance is forgoing structured training for a period, but not having an honest "off season." I've been warned that racing from end of March through cross season, with maybe three weekends off and no days off the bike could lead to burn out.

On the other hand, there's a saying that once you have found something you love, you should do it every day. At least a little.

I am planning some down time in Dec-Jan-Feb, but I'm not sure whether to take two weeks totally off the bike in the end of December or not. Has everyone planned some off-season for themselves during the year? How long and why? I don't feel burnt--I'm tired at the moment, but I find as long as my system is adapted to the workload, it will be a big setback to return to basal state. What do you think?
re: Is anyone following Lance's model of no off season?BryanJL
Dec 2, 2002 4:47 PM

I have taken two 2-week breaks this year, and I feel they help tremendously.

My first one was at the end of the summer racing season, and it was much needed and well-deserved.

My next one will be at the end of December, but I will probably stay on the bike doing easy miles and stay in the weight room. Alternatively, it will be my last chance to flake out and get a true break until next year.

I have never felt that taking two weeks off is a setback in any way. There's a lot to be gained from allowing the body to rejuvenate after a long period of intense work. It's kinda like going to the dentist--while brushing every day is good, it's necessary to go tot he dentist twice a year to get a really deep cleaning. Same with rest--the body needs a sustained, deep rest every now and then.

I have never come back from two weeks of rest feeling worse than before. I may not have the same high end sprint speed, but that's not part of my goals for this part of the season, so it's not an issue. I am more concerned with getting the proper rest that will enable me to stress my body a little more over the coming season.

Dec 3, 2002 9:18 AM
Thanks, that accords with what I've been hearing. I think complete off-bike weeks may make me frantic. I'll have to take up yoga, knitting, cooking, xc skiing and wedding planning in order to keep myself busy while off the bike. I think beyond being preventative like a dentist visit, it may also, like you said, help you build up stronger endurance and speed for the coming year. At least that's the plan.
Age related effectsMcAndrus
Dec 3, 2002 5:00 AM
During the racing season I'll take a couple of one-week breaks: to avoid burnout. This past November for the first time in memory I took two weeks off completely. I lost so much form I felt like I'd wasted away to nothing.

According to conventional wisdom age has something to do with how rapidly your form deteriorates. I'm 50 now and if you're younger the down time might not have as severe an effect.

Next year I'll not take two weeks off completely at season's end - maybe one - and just start back up with the easy rides after the week off.

I think Lance and Carmichael are onto something. Carmichael said somewhere that he doesn't like Lance losing too much form - form which needs to be reacquired. So they opt for easy, unstructured rides until Lance's training season begins.