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How Much Did You I even wanna know? =)(6 posts)

How Much Did You I even wanna know? =)BigLeadOutGuy
Nov 29, 2002 7:15 AM
oh god, I am convinced that I am genetically gifted to be a sumo wrestler....I ate myself into oblivion yesterday! I dont know what happend...the past few months ive been eating well and not downing the junk food like i normally do...but yesterday I just snapped! I ate like a sumo wrestler who missed his mid morning snack....It was ugly...very very ugly!!
I think Im going to buckle my frame if sit on my bike today!
no. (nm)weiwentg
Nov 29, 2002 7:23 AM
all right ... yesweiwentg
Nov 30, 2002 5:00 PM
Dad came down to the university. end result: Japanese food 3 meals in a row. Japanese stuff CAN BE healthy, but the stuff I ate was probably not the good stuff (beef sukiyaki, soft shell crab, fried oysters). plus Thanksgiving lunch was your regular American Thanksgiving dinner (actually, they called it dinner but served it from 11-2). turkey, roast beef, too much dessert.
I rode the trainer (sigh) for an hour today, plus ran for 40 minutes. my stride is horrible, but I burned some calories. yesterday: bummed around. day before last: rode trainer for one hour. tomorrow: who knows?
re: How Much Did You I even wanna know? =)flyinbowlofmilk
Nov 29, 2002 7:51 PM
But you have 3 months to get back down to weight you want to be by racing season. You get there. As for me I had a 3 Turkey breast sandwiches ,with 98% fat free Turkey breast. But Cheeer up you will have ennergy to burn when you go riding.

thanks ya!BigLeadOutGuy
Nov 30, 2002 9:47 AM
you are right....i do have a few months to get rid of it...but i think i needed about 6 months to get to weight to begin with!! Im that much further behind the 8-ball!
Oh well...ill get back in the swing!
Hows training going fbom?
thanks ya!flyinbowlofmilk
Dec 1, 2002 5:57 PM
My training is going along just fine. Learn how to ride in a Double paceline today. Fighting the headwind today,and took my turn at the front twice at a LBS group ride today. Oh I forgot to mention the crosswind at the lake. Logging in up to 80 miles in a week(3 days). That not to mention hitting the gym 2 times a week. Going to do 4 day a week when possible(hopefully next year).