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Anyone not get results from the gym?(7 posts)

Anyone not get results from the gym?mcbaker55
Nov 26, 2002 12:31 PM
I've been hitting the gym in the fall/winter for the last couple of years (Friel plan), but I don't feel like I have reaped the kind of benefits I was expecting. I still feel like I lag in my ability produce power on the flats, which also affects my power-to-weight ratio on climbs. Am I the only one? What did you end up doing about it?

gym doesnt equal bikestr8dum1
Nov 27, 2002 7:29 AM
you have to do on the bike workouts if you want to get stronger on the bike. Its that simple. weights will make your muscles stronger but that doesnt mean that it will xfer to the bike. how often do you push the pedal 10 times then stop for a couple minutes break?

Weights are just a means to an end. Do the hard interval stuff. not good at powering the flats, then put on a big gear and go power the flats. Have trouble climbing, put on a big gear and go climb. Simple, huh? I just saved you 1000$ on coaching fees.
Saved him $1000 bucks but...hayaku
Nov 28, 2002 8:21 AM
that advice is still only worth what he paid for it in my opinion.

If you do weights right, and mix them into your training effectively they will help achieve good results. Friel's book shows you how to use weights to optimise their benefits so I would suggest that something else is wrong with the poster's training. Dunno what though.

Also, I feel that the benefits gained through weight training are often not as apparent as other facets of training. Being able to respond to attacks and developing a quick jump are areas in which weight training can have a great effect, heightening your chances and saving energy throughout the race leaving you in better condition for the end.

My point is that if you are not getting results, look at your whole program in detail.
I should have given more informationmcbaker55
Nov 29, 2002 12:36 PM
I am a 35 year old expert mountain bike racer who also dabbles in road races. I used Friel's Mountain Biker's Training Bible to develop my plan, including the weight training program. Overall, I'm a pretty strong rider (third in vet expert in my state championship), but the top riders in my class are able to soundly beat me up the long fire-road climbs that are the norm around here. Given my 145lb frame, I feel that I should be more competitive on the climbs where the races are won and lost and despite increased volume and an organized training plan, I didn't meet my goals for the season. I guess I don't have any way of knowing whether the time spent in the gym helped, hurt or had no effect. I believe that I need to improve my power (or more accurately, force) for next season and I have already been hitting the gym for a couple of years - So how what's the answer? More gym? More on bike exercises?

On a related note, I wonder if Friel's program (or any program for that matter) produces better results in the second year than the first. I hope that's the case:-)

read thisWoof the dog
Nov 30, 2002 1:28 PM
Have you ever thought that maybe you are not as genetically gifted? Combine that with your age, and there you go.

P.S. Being of smaller frame on the climb doesn' t mean shit. Your red blood cell count probably does though. I'd rather weigh 155 instead of 140 lbs. If anything, you'd have more upper body to help you up that hill, I am serious.

If we are talking about body types, I sense that maybe being taller may help one reach their potential faster. It seems that taller people have more leverage on the bike... longer femur stuff like that. I am not sure though.


Woof, the information dog.
re: Anyone not get results from the gym?BryanJL
Nov 27, 2002 11:29 AM
How have you tested or assessed the differences (or absence of difference)?

That would be a more accurate way of assessing progress.

For example, time trial on a specific course, noting heart rate, speed, time, and gearing.

Also remember that the increases take time, on the order of years. Weight training will give great benefits as aging occurs....cycling is not a weight bearing activity, and doing weights keeps you strong in ways that cycling doesn't really hit.

re: Anyone not get results from the gym?peter1
Dec 1, 2002 5:09 PM
I'd wonder how much you would lose if you stopped going to the gym...if it's true that it's harder to keep on muscle mass as we age, then lifting weights is probably the quickest, most effiecient way to maintain muscle mass.

I have to say, though, that if you're the 3d best vet expert in your state, then you're doing a lot of things right. I'd focus on the areas in which you ARE the best (descending? cornering?) and press your advantage. Seems to me that if you try to be great at every aspect of racing, you're overreaching.

Those guys who drop you on the climbs probably do so because they know you'll smoke them on the downhills...