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Whatever happened to LFR? (nm)(4 posts)

Whatever happened to LFR? (nm)shirt
Nov 11, 2002 10:48 AM
Laying low is my guessBipedZed
Nov 11, 2002 11:37 AM
Saw her briefly at the Denver Veloswap, but didn't talk much. She had a bad first cyclocross race back in early October and hasn't been very active in the racing scene since.

I'm sure she'll be back soon stronger than ever.
Laying low is my guessMike-Wisc
Nov 11, 2002 12:05 PM
Crash or blown out the back of the pack?
I've known some who get blown out late in the season and decide to rebuild from their base starting then and hang up the rest of the season and on-line activity, call it a mental vacation from web-ville.
Not that it's any of my business. My cycling plans got all discombobulated and shelved when I decided to get married. Bicycles never made it off the wall all season. "Next year" is my fall/winter mantra.
Zed is rightlonefrontranger
Nov 11, 2002 1:48 PM
Appreciate the thoughts, it's just a slow time of the year. Zed is correct that I've been laying low. I've posted a thing or two on the other boards. Don't know if you caught the illustrated ride report I did a while ago (on the 'cross forum).

I have been doing a lot of unstructured riding, no racing. The shoulder has been giving me non-specific weird problems, and after that first 'cross race I have had no desire to race at all.

Rode 4 hours on the roadie on Saturday, would have done 3+ 'cross hours on Sunday had my BB not decided to back out an hour into the ride (d'oh!). Lesson learned: If your Shimano BB makes ticking noises, it's because it's a Shimano BB. If your Campy BB makes ticking noises, it means something is seriously wrong. Limped home with the driveside cup literally dangling by a thread, and spent the next hour or so cleaning a couple tons of sand and grit out of the BB shell... that thrice-cursed Boulder Rez 'cross race did indeed come back to haunt me.