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Spinning Class VirginBipedZed
Nov 8, 2002 10:30 AM
I'm in the middle of cyclocross season and will have to make a business trip during the week. I plan to take a few spinning classes at the hotel athletic club but don't really know what to expect. Usually during the week I do 2 days of intensity which I figure will be the spinning class.

So do I wear my team clothing and bring SPD shoes? Classes seem kinda short to take place of a normal 2hr training ride. Double up on back to back classes if possible?

Thanks for your input.
Spinning Class Whoreshirt
Nov 8, 2002 11:43 AM
1. Bring your SPD shoes.
2. Wear a t-shirt instead of your jersey.
3. Bring a bandana/headband for sweat.
4. Bring your HRM, sit in the back, and do your own thing.
5. Expect the seat to be moderately uncomfortable; I stand for a minute every ten minutes.
6. Bring a water bottle.
7. Grab extra towels to drape over the handlebars for sweat absorption duties.

Spinning Class WhoreREPO42
Nov 9, 2002 11:30 PM
because of the days being shorter during winter months I sub spin class at least 2x a week. Bring the above things like the last post lists and bring an extra shirt to change after.. If you go into it with an open mind then expect to have 1 hour of balls out fun. Enjoy the music and atmosphere, bikes aren't the most comfortable, but I can vouch that if you put your heart into it you can get a great cardio workout. Helped me out tremendously.