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Climbing: Road -v- Off Road(4 posts)

Climbing: Road -v- Off RoadGileyD
Nov 7, 2002 6:15 AM
I have been riding MTB for nearly 10 years, road 7 years, and love both.

Om the road I enjoy climbing and always put in as many climbs as I can when working out a route, the steeper and longer the better. Some of the 13-15% climbs round here hurt like hell (even with a triple on my winter bike!), but I just keep on riding them and get a buzz from it.

Off road though I hate climbing! Steep gnarly technical climbs are ok 'cos you are too busy trying to clean it to notice the pain, but long fire road climbs are my idea of hell and I will always avoid them if I can.

Anyone else experience this (or the reverse, love off road climbs, hate road)??

I have no idea why this is though some points are: feel totally comfortable climbing on the tops of the bars (both my road bikes have v. similar positions), on the MTB I never feel totally comfortable on the climbs; on road bikes you feel all your power is going into forward momentum, on MTBs less so, esp. on my full-susser, though felt just the same in my hardtail days........
re: Climbing: Road -v- Off Roadclimbo
Nov 7, 2002 6:57 AM
maybe it's just you? I love to climb, especially on dirt. MTB climbing definitely is harder because of the terrain and less momentum but it feels better at the top. You also have to concentrate a lot more because of the bumps and rocks etc. On the road you can zone out and just keep tempo.
re: Climbing: Road -v- Off Roadnonsleepingjon
Nov 9, 2002 12:42 PM
I really like mountain biking - flying down twisting single track is incredible. but when i hit those steep climbs filled with roots and rocks, i get left in the dirt. however, once i hit paved road, no matter how long i've been riding, i start pulling ahead of the group up the hills and love it. that's a large part of the reason i decided to get in to road biking. ride what you like - that's why there's road racing, downhill racing, cyclo-cross....
re: Climbing: Road -v- Off Roadtravis200
Nov 12, 2002 1:47 PM
I love to climb long steep hills on road. 90% of all my rides I throw in a hill or to maybe I am sick but I love them. I don't mtb as much as I did so not sure if I would do the same off road.