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Training in Puerto Rico in March(7 posts)

Training in Puerto Rico in MarchSilas_Greenback
Nov 3, 2002 6:47 AM
My wife and I are going to an annual meeting in PR in early March. We are staying on the eastern end of the island. Neither of us has ever been to a Caribbean island in our lives, and coming from Connecticut the thought of just wearing shorts and a shirt to go biking in March sounds great. But we would love to ride with people who know their oats down there. We are both geting race ready at that point in the year, the season beginning about a month afterwards. Does anyone train daily in that neck of the woods and is willing to have company?
not much help here, buttrekkie1
Nov 4, 2002 7:04 AM
This isn't much help, but I've heard there are bike pirates down there. Don't take an expensive, flashy bike.
I would.....CARBON110
Nov 4, 2002 11:36 AM
rent a bike from the local shop for the duration of your trip, then hide it under your bed locked to the foundation of your house or hotel with a blanket over it and an armed guard ( who speaks spanish ) with an automatic weapon and dark sunglasses on. I would recommend you do the same with your wallet :)Then take the ferry to the island just west of PR which is like an entire different part of the world and has paved roads as of last year, non crowded beaches and very little theft.... go there, its jut a ferry ride
I would.....Silas_Greenback
Nov 4, 2002 5:37 PM
I take it this is based on first-hand information.
I would.....RC28
Nov 5, 2002 8:56 AM
Probably not since the only island that's a ferry ride away from Puerto Rico to the WEST is Hispaniola(Dom.Republic/Haiti).I guess he meant Vieques or Culebra, which are to the EAST (and they're actually municipalities of Puerto Rico).I'm from PR, but have lived here in the States for the last 5 years.The areas around San Juan are just like any other big metro area:busy roads,lots of traffic, rude drivers, higher than average crime.But where you'll be staying (Westin Riomar maybe?) it's much nicer.There are some really nice rural roads that go all over the east coast with anything from flats to hills where you need at least a 25t to get up them.There's a good group of riders and triathletes in the island pretty much everywhere you look).Only problem in the eastern coast is the lack of good bike shops should you need any spares.Hot Dog Cycling is a LBS near the airport in San Juan that rents Cannondales I believe.If you speak any Spanish (or at least can read it) check out . It has some good info on LBS's and events.I go to PR about 5 or 6 times a year myself and I keep one of my road bikes,spare wheels,shoes, my parents house in Carolina (about 30 min drive from where you'll be staying).I ALWAYS make it a point of riding there since I know all the roads and there is great climbing to be had there (unlike here in South FL).Send me an email : INEL97 at hotmail dot com if you need more info on where to ride.
I would.....2nd ...Hot Dog Cyclery!Dream plus
Nov 5, 2002 10:56 AM
Those are good people(Hot Dog Cyclery in Isla Vista). They hooked me up when I was on vacation last March. They rent MTBs suitable for exploring. They allowed me to tag along on one of their evening rides and I had a blast.
Vieques is a blast too but riding is limited and finding a rental is not easy. Easter week is a crazy time there.
PR drivers are prepared for anything. You should be too. I can't wait to go back.
not much help here, butJFST
Nov 29, 2002 2:54 PM
Riding a flashy bike here is no different from riding it anywhere else or in any city. Just use a bit of common sense and you'll be alright. There are many groups of riders who ride all over the island every day with no problems. Having your bike stolen here is extremely rare. The cycling population is pretty tight nit and word gets around fast. A stolen bike is useless since someone WILL eventually recognize it.